Good Morning


One of the first things to do in the morning is see how the day is composing itself. I saw a light and so was outside  (in my nighdress) taking a photo of the sunrise. There are sunrises and sunrises, but I decided this one was doing its best to tell me “it will be a good day”, although that will be seen. I made myself busy cutting bread into beak sized pieces for Mr. Swiss to spread amongst the bird population.  However, being a wonderful caring husband, he had already prepared and donated the bread to the birds and it was already outside waiting for them to come and get it. We now have two breakfast portions and do not want to overfeed them more than necessary, so my donation has been packed in a plastic bag for later. Seems to be communication problems, because there was no communication.

Swans and ducks River Aar 19.02 (13)

Yesterday afternoon I decided to take a walk along the river, but this time with my 300 lens. The swans and birds always seem to congregate on the other side of the river and I decided I needed more zoom. It was a wonderful afternoon for walking, and everyone seemed to be making the most of it. I met a golden oldie couple on the way and the lady began a conversation about photography, although she only takes photos with her camera. Her husband is apparently a Nikon fan, has always had a Nikon, and so the foundation was laid for an interesting conversation about Nikon cameras. I am also a Nikon person, but I am really anything. You just have to make a decision somewhere.  It seems that this couple live in our village, and would be close neighbours. However, everyone in our village is a close neighbour, as the village is just a conglomeration of houses on the road. I love country life, yes, it is Feldbrunnen first, Feldbrunnen first. We do not have discussions about it until voting is called for.

At the moment the main road is plastered with posters of men and woman all contesting for a position in our houses of parliment. I think it all takes place in a couple of months. For our village things will or may stay the same. As said, everyone is a neighbour, so it can get personal.

Unknown bird in tree 19.02 (1)

Back to my walk and the husband pointed out a big bird sitting in a tree. Of course I aimed the camera to see what sort of bird. Who knows? It could be a red kite or a buzzard, as they are the only big birds I have ever seen here. However, to tell the difference you have to see them in flight, because one has a fork in the tail feathers, and the other does not. This bird was just sitting and watching – perhaps it was a vulture, although I have never see them here, but it would have been something completely different.

Anyhow my conversational partners decided to walk further and I sat on the bench to take photos. Suddenly they returned and said they would leave the river path. It seems it was becoming similar to rush hour as everyone  had decided to take a walk along the river. I took a glance at the path and noticed that it was blocked with families and couples, not to mention a collection of joggers and dogs. I decided walking with a cane had its advantages. I leave the path in any case, more than half an hour is not so good for constant walking, I begin to drag my left foot.

I eventually shot my photos and returned home, knowing that if I stayed away too long Mr. Swiss would already be planning to alarm the emergency services. I decided to upload my photos, work on them and do some blogging. I had 68 photos and my online photo programme had one of their little problems. I decided to blog and go back to uploading when the connection was good. In between I noticed I had a connection and uploaded the photos, named them and sorted them. It was then that the programme slowed down again. It took me twice as long as usual, the result being everything was uploaded twice and I was uttering profanities under my breath. Eventually I managed to complete the task, in between wrote two blogs and decided to eat something and watch one of my soaps on the TV whilst eating my sandwich.

Afterwards I returned to the computer, as I had three challenges I wanted to complete. The result of it all was at 9.30 in the evening everything was done. I could at last read further in my book, which is really one of the best books I have read in a long while. Matto Regiert by Friedrich Glauser, a Swiss author. The book was written 1936 and is in German. The author being one of the great Swiss authors, it also has a small touch of Swiss German in it, and handles from a case concerning Glauser’s detective Wachtmeister Studer where the chief of an asylum has disappeared and one of the patients. Glauser himself had mental problems, was a morphine addict, but he writes so well. The book has been filmed. It is so well written that I can understand Glaser becoming one of the most celebrated Swiss writers. I searched, but do not think that this book has ever been published in English. Matto is a term for Mad in this case and Madness is governing would be the title of the book.

And now I must move on, I seem to have the talking/writing mode today, and I really have other things to do. I must just leave you with an action photo of a duck in flight. I was so astonished when I saw this photo, as I was just snapping away hoping to at last get my Pulitzer.

River Aar 19.02 (7)

8 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning, Pat. I wish we had a local river to walk along, as in Bournemouth. We have a giant river down the road but it takes cruise and container ships so it’s heavily built up and not strolling friendly. I do love to see those huge white ocean liners gliding by though.

    Lisbon has 13c this morning at 8:53 am, with bright sunshine. The forecast is for 21c.

    Have a nice day, Pat. I think Monday is your Migros day.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I was only once in Bournemouth for a day at the seaside with my first boyfriend – memories. I only remember it as a town full of foreign students leaning english.
      Rainy day today, but friendly rain. d
      Yes Monday is Migros day, for a start to the shopping week.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wonderful shot of the … goose is it? Hard to tell since your geese are a little different than ours, but a great shot.

    Also, that’s a lovely sunrise. I do love when they sky turns that pretty shade of pink and gold.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am not quite sure what it is. We have only three geese at the nearby stables, but perhaps one of them was on a flight.
      I love sunrises if the sun actually rises. Today it is hiding behind the rain clouds. We get some wonderful colours in Summer.


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