Good Morning

Feldbrunnen to Solothurn 17.02 (19)

I see this tree when we drive home from a shopping trip. It is next to an office building and has probably been there for many years, more years than I have been here. I think I am becoming one of those tree related people that feel a relationship to trees. I must remember to hug a few today, just to show them that I am here. They love having their photos taken. They really come in all shapes and sizes, although there is a human touch when we saw off the branches and they begin to compensate with their strange formations.

And now back to daily life, although it is Sunday, meaning that I can begin to cook lunch (red cabbage with bacon and a saucisson, potatoes) and it will cook all morning slowly so no stress. I have a few cameras lined up in case a magpie, crow or sparrow will appear for the bird show in the garden. This morning they all seem to be sleeping, must have had a rough night with Saturday evening celebrations at the gatherings. The bread is outside and still waiting to be picked up.

Misty Morning

It is a misty morning and quite cold at the moment, which I hope means that during the day the sun will arrive as I plan another one of my marathon walks (with a cane for support) along the river this afternoon.

In the meanwhile the first crow has arrived and is calling his mates to tell them the “grub is up, come and get it”, and now there are two crows eating their breakfast with a mixture of tits and magpies sitting in the trees and observing the situation. Oh, what an exciting life I lead.

Magpie 18.02 (3)

The neighbours cat just walked across in front of my window. I thought I could get a quick photo, but there is a new cat in town, a young one, who has no idea of respect for the older generation of cats, and was chasing the older cat, so they have now both disappeared. My Tabby is sleeping through the whole performance on top of the cupboard.

I am now off to chop red cabbage and an apple as I like to cook an apple with the cabbage, gives it a good side taste. About half an hour before it has finished cooking I  add some apple vineagar, which also enhances the taste – I find. I love slow cooking methods as it gives me time to deal with other things, like taking my Dyson for its daily walk around the appartment and playing with my iron. I noticed there is a sort of pile of stuff to be ironed, so life will not be boring this morning.

There will even be a further instalment of my Sunday TV soap, Lindenstrasse, on the TV today – a German version of an english programme “Coronation Street”. One of the small pleasures of a golden oldie life. In between there will be photos to upload and blogs to write and I often find that my Sunday life is something like a full time job.

And now to go for the next exciting instalment of “Life with Mrs. Angloswiss”.

15 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning, Pat. It’s freezing here this morning with only 10c at 8 am but we have bright sunshine and no clouds. We should get 19c today so summer is well on the way now. I’ve been active this morning, doing bits and pieces around the flat and washing/hanging some underwear, socks, jackets etc. Not sure yet where I’ll go today but maybe take the ferry across the estuary to look around the other side and maybe sit and have a beer with my nephew at one of the hundreds of open air cafes over there. Exciting isn’t it ? I must remember to take my camera with me this time. Enjoy your red cabbage and Lindenstrasse. We also have that name in English. Lime Street and I used to take the train from Liverpool Lime Street to Euston. There also used to be a famous avenue in East Berlin called Unter den Linden and I used to stroll along there in communist days when I visited the east. You have brought back memories this morning, Pat. Have a nice day, you and Mr Swiss. Try to be good.

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    • Only 10c would be a heatwave here in February, although we are also having warmer temperatures which is not so usual. I usually do my washing in the evening as electricity is half price. I can hang it to dry and in the morning put it away. I had a tumbler, but got rid of it, as they are really energy eaters and it is not necessary. I like my stuff to dry normally. The red cabbage and bacon turned out fine. Our firebugs like to gather at the roots of the lime trees.

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  2. Hi Pat; I’m writing this from sunny warm Lisbon where HH & I are spending a well deserved 4 days (nearing the very end of it sadly…) to greet you and to tell you that I do my red cabbage the same way BUT add chestnuts too (Maroni)…. they make it even better – I love, love, love Rotkraut!
    Now we’re off to Estoril for a looooong walk along the coast, grilled fish and local red wine and than back to our cozy rental appart – before we have to had back to France
    Cheers, enjoy your Sunday, Kiki

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    • My online friend Dai lives in Lisbon and he also told me today that they are having nice weather. Cooking marroni with red cabbage is often done. I do not mind it, but do not love it. I took a walk along the River Aar today, it was pleasant weather and the ducks and swans were all out. Hope you had a nice Sunday.


      • now back in not sunny, grey and rather cold France….. Me loves, nay, adores ´Rotkraut mit Maroni’…. Oh, what a great and wonderful short time we had in Lisbon. Already now I cannot wait to go again 🙂


  3. Spring has begun to arrive here. Everything is dripping, dripping, dripping. Everything will be mud later. But that’s good. We get the mud after the snow and before the spring 🙂

    We have a few really OLD trees in town. I always feel a little shiver when I take the pictures of them. They have been here a long, long time.


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