Good Morning

Solothurn 16.02.2017

I happened to have my zoom lens on the camera. I was on a walk and turned towards our town of Solothurn  which is actually a distance along the road and shot this photo. The St. Urs Cathedral is always present being the highest building, but I was surprised the way the smaller buildings were settled around it along our connecting road.

Otherwise today is one of those days where I hugged the bed too long, although what difference does 30 minutes make when you are a golden oldie. Anyhow I eventually arrived at the breakfast table, fired up the computer and was ready to go and then it happened. I had a weak golden oldie moment. Somehow I stepped on the wrong keys and had a WordPress screen resolution (mark the expert description) which was twice as big as usual. I called for help, but Mr. Swiss did not hear me. I knew it was a simple matter of a Ctrl with a key, but as it does not happen every day, I could not remember which key. In the meanwhile I gave up and fired up my Apple computer. Mr. Swiss arrived and observed the problem, but it remained at an observation as he could not remember the simple solution.

I did a google search, and eventually arrived where I wanted to go. It is so easy, but being golden oldies we remember the complicated difficult things in life, and forget the easy solution. All it needed on the WordPress page was a Ctrl or Strg “-” and you had your screen organised again. Of course the opposite would be achieved by using the “+” sign. Why is it that you could cause crockery to break, burn oil in a pan, not find your keys and you survive, but when the computer has a problem, it is a grave problem where you collapse in despair and scream for help (Mr. Swiss). Luckily it is Saturday so I do not have to go places and do things, and I do not even have any ironing to do today. I have now calmed down.

Yesterday I at last made my long awaited visit to the hairdresser. She asked “how?” and I said “short” so now it is short, very short, but I am happy. I was going on my own with the car, but Mr. Swiss decided he had a few things in town to care for and came with me but he let me drive. As we returned home from shopping in the morning he managed to drop a freshly bought jar of jam on the floor. Luckily it was only glass splinters and the jam remained compact sticking to the glass,  but he decided he could use the opportunity to replace the broken jar and otherwise made a tour of the town. I was in the middle of my haircut when he walked into the salon. It was only me and Heidi (my hairdresser) so he took a seat and we had a catching up conversation about this and that (Heidi also being a neighbour) whilst she was snipping away.

As the golden sun sunk slowly in the East (I know it should be West, but I took the photo facing East) we sped on our way home. I had a meal to prepare, but only for Mr. Swiss and me. No. 1 son had gone to town – there was some sort of modern concert which he was attending.

Feldbrunnen to Solothurn 17.02 (11)

14 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I had to smile at this. I now only too well what happens to our (my) ”well organised” world when the computer goes haywire. And one does not have to be a golden oldie” for this to have a devastating (sic) effect on one’s Karma.
    Aren’t we all a bit nuts these days?
    Maybe we ought to smell the coffee and laugh at ourselves a lot more?

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    • I see the funny side of everthing afterwards, it is just when it is happening that it can be a nervous thing. It was such a simple solution to my problem, but I had to think of it. I should really make a list of this stuff, or put it in my notes on my iPhone, although I might even forget where it is, or lose it by a false manipulation. The worst that can happen is if I have a computer problem and Mr. Swiss has a computer problem, both at the same time – we than just ignore each other.

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  2. Good afternoon, Pat. Glad Mr Swiss didn’t drop that jar of jam on your toes. I bet he was swearing. We have bright sunshine here but it’s not as warm as recently. I have two mackerel in the oven and we’ll have chips and salad too. I guess you’ll be having a leisurely Saturday there. I might study Portuguese grammar this afternoon and probably have a drink in the evening. Have a pleasant afternoon, Pat.

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    • He did say a few profanities, but in Swiss German. Your warm is a heat wave for us. At the moment we have dream weather for February. Some sun, and in the afternoon wonderful for a walk. It has been a relaxing Saturday, I must say. The only thing I study these days is my computer or read a book. Mackerel sounds good. Here we do not have such a choice of ocean fish, it is mostly fresh water fish which is also good. Otherwise we have a lot of salmon mostly from Scandinavia. I avoid the stuff from the Far East unless it is certified – most of the fish seem to swim in sewage in some of those counties. Have a nice week-end.

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  3. I TOTALLY understand you! I’m still trying to figure out exactly how I’ll find a way to work on my “fixed” system. I have to assume that they will eventually fix this “new version” of this drive. It was working so brilliantly well.

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    • I still have not yet received the new bionic update, but Mr. Swiss got it today at lunch time. He used a few profanities, but not because he had problems, but because he wanted to do something else and his world was turned upside down. However it seems the up/dowload ran smoothly and everything is working as it should. I have not yet got it, but it will probably arrive soon.


  4. That last photo is beautiful, no matter which direction you were facing. Your village is so pretty. Switzerland has always been a favorite country of mine. My 6th grade geography report was on Switzerland, complete with a picture of the Alps on the cover.

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  5. I so relate to your dismay when the computer goes awry, Pat! I look forward to “Good Morning” everyday because I know you are going to talk about something that is my life, too. So interesting, across the ocean, but so many similarities!

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    • Yes computers are sensitive creatures, to be handled with care. Just a wrong key and everything goes haywire. I never know what I am going to talk about untile I begin. Just see where it takes me. We all live similar lives, with a little bit of influence from where we are.


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