Colour Your World: Fern

Tansy leaves

Not fern, but tansy leaves. I have a fern photo, am not sure if I have already used it, but these leaves are from Summer last year, so have never been shown. I am convinced that Crayola will never have a colour called “Tansy” and Tansy are yellow in any case when they flower, so here is the big break for Tansy leaves. They do have a ferny appearance and have definitely never been featured in a Colour Your World epic.

Colour Your World: Fern

2 thoughts on “Colour Your World: Fern

  1. Als Kinder haben wir die gelben Knopfköpchen Katzenpfötchen genannt, little cat’s paws, for obvious reasons. The leaves never caught my attention before.

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    • I somewhere disovered that “Rainfarn” was good for the garden and so I departed on a quest for the plant and found a bloke on our local market that only sold strange herbs. He said he had Rainfarn and if I lived far away. I said in the next village, and so he said he would bring me some, which he did. He arrived with a couple of plants and now I have it in my garden. In the meanwhile I discovered that they seem to grow near every railway track. I love them.


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