Good Morning

Magpies 16.02 (7)

A normal morning photo after the bread has been deposited for the birds in the morning. The magpies arrive as soon as possible to have a good  choice  before the crows take over. Magpies do not have such large beaks as the crows, so only manage up to 2 pieces of bread at once. The crows are experts, they can carry at least 3-4 pieces. Afterwards they fly off. I do no know what they do with the bread, but probably had a special nest for food reserves.

Week-end shopping day today and Mr. Swiss did mention that I could drive both ways today. Perhaps he might have fogotten in the meanwhile, I hope. I have at last got an appointment with my hairdresser this afternoon and this time they are letting me out on my own with the car. Somehow I find this is getting a little too much with driving the car everywhere, but the popular idea is for me to get back into the routine. It was so nice to sit next to my chauffeur and take photos as he was driving. Now I do not even take the camera with me, although this afternoon I am in town and will see if I find something interesting and take the camera.

I have now begun to ignore some of the daily prompt subjects on WordPress. You get one word, and often I get no inspiration. How much of one’s private life can you divulge? Eventually you also run out of facts and I do not want to bring “fake news” which seems to be fashionable in some parts of the world today or write about something that has nothing to do with the prompt, which does not really bother me, but perhaps others. I decided to do my own thing, which may not be always interesting, but more interesting than writing 5-600 words about “squat” which was yesterday’s word. Golden Oldies do not squat, as in all probabilitiy they have to remain squatting until someone helps to put them back on their feet. Of course you can be a squatter taking over an empty house, but that is no longer fashion and aso I decided that squat was not an inspiring subject to write about. It now depends on the word. In any case I noticed that the pingback of this prompt was out of order for a few hours, so I did not miss anything.

And now I am moving to the daily chores. I have an appartment to organise from the day before, and I have to measure my sugar just before leaving for the shopping tour. The Swiss goverment now demands it from me, as I have reached the age of 70, have diabetes and must carry my sugar status with me when driving. I know it is silly, but it is the law and we all want to abide by the law. Those measuring plastics are not cheap, although my insurance does pay for 90% of the costs.

Time to go, enjoy the day.

Horses 16.02 (3)

6 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning, Pat. Another gorgeous morning here with strong sunshine. Because of my age and my background I am unable to squat. This presents quite a problem when going to our village in Nepal because the toilets there, although scrupulously clean, are the old squat types. That’s a huge problem for me. The village golden oldies have no problems because of course they’ve been doing it all their lives. What a subject, Pat. Have a nice day, Pat, and enjoy your hairdressing session.

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    • When I was in Marakech I discovered that the public toilets and those in privat houses were for squatting. Only the hotels had our style. Rainy day today, but OK, a day to take it easy.

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  2. Your post today reminds me of why I love WordPress. I find it fascinating that you have to monitor your sugar for the government; I love knowing what goes on in different parts of the world. As for squatting: I have not been able to squat in about 15 years. I got a little stool to sit on to reach the bottom shelf in the refrigerator. It turns out the prompt “squat” was a good one! Well, I don’t know squat. Is that just an American idiom?

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    • The only word relationship I really know are the toilet constructions that other countries have. Otherwise if you are a squatter, it can mean that you have moved into an empty house.


  3. Wow. They really keep track of you. I’m impressed. Those are magpies, right?

    So you have to know how much sugar you have in the house before you leave in the morning, but this doesn’t count all the sugar in the jam and jelly and other sweet stuff. We have almost no sugar because we don’t eat it, but that doesn’t count the rest of the stuff in the house, all of which has sugar in it.

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    • It is not a problem of having too much sugar, although of course I should keep within the limits, but too little. Since I am driving I test my sugar before leaving and it is on the higher level, but nothing bad. Once I had only 4,5 and that is hypoglycemia which can be dangerous as you begin to feel giddy, and have slurred speech etc. which is what the rules are all about as it could cause an accident. This happens rarely with me, but the simple solution is to eat a glucose sweet best of all as the sugar goes quicky into your blood and you get to the correct levels. This is actually what the controls are all about. I always have glucose sweets with me in case. When you are on tablets, it is better to observe. I have had this diabetes for 30-40 years and my main care is to keep it more or less under control with not too many highs. I could reach 10-15, but not regularly, so not big deal. It does not get better as you get older.
      Yes they are magpies, we have a colony where we live.


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