Daily Post: Juicy and sticky


Not very imaginative I know, but like the people in WordPress, the only juicy fruit I had in the fridge was a lemon for a photo. Mr. Swiss always shakes his head when I awake from a golden oldie sleep at midday and begin to search through the appartment for strange objects to take a photo. The only piece of more or less juicy fruit I found was this lemon with part already removed. We usually have a lemon, perhaps even two according to the special offer in the supermarket, for a fish dish. It always looks good if you put a slice of lemon on the fish – real classy. I do not remember my mum ever doing anything like that when I was a kid, but then mum never went in for eating with the eye. Our fish came pure from the market, perhaps a chopped up eel, a kipper, or even a bloater.

Kippers are smoked herrings, which are usually red, and today are suspected of being unhealthy, even prone to causing illnesses which cannot be cured, because of the unhealthy substanes used for smoking. Bloaters are herrings in white, without the smoky part. They were quite bony, although not really a danger if you knew where the bones were situated, and often they were pregnant, containing a roe or two. Mum said the soft rows were female babies and the harder roes were male babies. I suppose she was right, she was the expert. I never did get down to the truth of the matter, but I quite liked them.

OK I am diverting from the subjet, but how am I supposed to write about juice when 20 words are enough. There are even people that complain about ignoring  the words of the daily prompt, otherwise we should not bother to do it, in which case I tend to ignore people that complain about ignoring the deep and interllectual meaning of the daily prompt.

Cranberry juiceI also found an orange which was forgotten an alone and lost in a glass bowl outside on the patio. I doubt that it is still as juicy as it was when it arrived, and I would date it around beginning January 2017 – the forgotten orange.

Otherwise the only juice I bother to buy is cranberry juice for its medicinal properties. Half a glass daily works wonders with the body’s waterwork sytem. It has an influence definitely.

We do not get fresh cranberries in Switzerland, but we can buy the bottled juice. It is more a thick syrup than a juice, but is very healthy according to doctor’s advice.

And now I have an appointment at the hairdressers this afternoon. She will not be serving any juice, but always offers a cup of coffee when I arrive. I do not drink coffee, so do not bother. I am a tea drinker generally.  I do not really go for juice, it makes a mess in any case. This evening we will be eating a toast hawaii – the toast with a layer of ham an cheese and a pineapple ring in the middle – that will be a little on the juicy side.

Daily Post: Juicy and sticky

7 thoughts on “Daily Post: Juicy and sticky

  1. This is the time of year when I miss fruit. Other than oranges, tangerines, and some not-too-great grapefruit, everything else is on hold. But soon. By next week, it’ll be in the high 50s … warm enough to get this snow melted down. Then we will be officially into March — MUD season. Followed by repairing the roads 🙂

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    • I am not a great fruit eater, just now and again. The only exception I make is for cranberry juice and a banana now and again. It rained today and temperatures are warmer. From tomorrow we are having our nice sunny weather again.


  2. I’ve considered actually going to a hairdresser but gave up and cut my own. I have coffee too, after all. It’s just that instead of taking an hour, it took me three weeks. But it looks good. Finally 🙂

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    • I have trimmed my hair when I could not get to the hairdresser, but I like to keep it short and shaped which I cannot do on my own. My hairdresser is now a friend of mine and she is very good at listening to what I want.


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