Photo Challenge: Against the Odds

Road machine

And you decide to go on a trip to the supermarket in the morning, because it is Wednesday morning and you always go to the supermarket on Wednesday. This time I did not have my camera with me, because I knew I would be driving home and not have the opportuity to take many photos, my bad luck, but not quite.

As we turned a corner we were confronted with a building machine in the middle of the crossing. I was glad I was not yet driving. Mr. Swiss did mutter a few profanities to the effect of “what are these stupid men doing in the middle of the road”, using words in Swiss German which are in no dictionary. I was naturally annoyed without my camera – what a perfect photo, but then I pulled out my mobile telephone and shot a couple of photos, not really expecting anything spectacular.

However, against the odds of meeting a building machine and three men watching a fourth doing the work in a pit in the middle of the road, as well as just taking a chance shot with the telephone, I managed a shot, even with part of the machine. I have no idea what they were doing, but it looked quite intersting.

Photo Challenge: Against the Odds

7 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Against the Odds

  1. 🙂 it seems the less planned the photo the better the picture. It seems to be universal that when a bunch of workers are gathered in one job there are a bunch watching a few do the work. Maybe it is based on seniority? Maybe who can get in and out of the hole without a winch. I think it is based on who busy lunch for who. 😉 Hugs

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    • I see it everywhere, but have fun taking the photos. If the railway tracks have to be cleaned, one man does the scraping and the others make sure he is doing it well, although there is always another man that sweeps away the dirt on the side. I saw some photos from North Korea a few days ago that were smuggled out. They have women sweeping the streets that are already spotless squeaky clean, I think it is called “keeping up appearances”.

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    • It seems to be the modern way of work. If there is not enough to do, then make sure it looks like there is something to do. It is an international thing – here as well.


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