Daily Blog -Nice weather, nice walk

Mistletoe 16.02.2017

It was another wonderful day today in the Swiss flatlands, so I took my camera, grabbed my cane, waved goodbye to Mr. Swiss, who was clearing the remains of the birdfood in the garden, and I was off. However, before I left I gave Mr. Swiss a few short instructions about my helleborus plants which really now need the old leaves being cut away, as the fresh new shoots have now appeared.

This time I had the zoom lens on the camera as I wanted to get some close-ups of the ducks, chickens and geese. The photos I took last time were OK, but a bit unclear because of the fence in between. With the zoom I  can focus  better and of course, can get better close-ups. When I saw the tree in the photo, I found it looked strange with the light green growths. When I uploaded the photo at home (1-1/2 hours for the work uploading 70 photos), I discovered that the light green growths were fresh shoots of mistletoe. Although it is a parasite, we have a lot of mistletoe spread on our trees in the neighbourhood, and yes, they make a good photo.

Ducks 16.02 (7)

And now to the ducks. They are new arrivals since last year and now I managed to capture them in their full beauty. I think they belong to the Mandarin Duck category, although I am not an expert. Anyhow they are really colourful and posed for a group photo for me.

Geese 16.02 (10)

I then moved onto the geese. They still have the same two geese, who were busy pecking in the ground. Now and again they had a conversation, quite loud, but I could not understand what they were saying. I just love those geese. Perhaps some goslings might arrive this year, who knows.

I then met my friend Billy on my walk. She often takes a walk to the stables in the fine weather. She also needs support when walking, so we always have a lively intereaction about our walking problems. We are both diabetic as well, which gives even more to share. She is a lovely lady and we get on well together. She is actually a long known friend of Mr. Swiss.

And then I heard a cluck, so I knew that Harold, the rooster, must be near.

Chickens 16.02 (18)

And there he was testing the air for a visit. His ladies were already outside and I supposed he was missing them and had to make sure they were not up to any mischief, like trying to cross the road. As you can see two hens were waiting for him, probably his favourites of the day.

Horses 16.02 (1)

I moved onto the horses. They were all ourside in front of their pens, or whatever you call them, sniffing the air and generally enjoying a horsey life. My friend Billy always has an apple or carrot with her to feed them. There are signs telling people not to feed the horses, but Billy is an exception. She has been doing it for many years. When she arrives they know that there is extra food and she can enter the stables to let them have their extrras.

I then heard the church clock signal that it was time to go. Mr. Swiss did not want to come with me, but if I take too long he gets worried, although I am always connected with my iPhone. It is now still quite light in the late afternoon, which gives me more time for a walk.

I made me way home and took a last look at our “house mountain” the Weissenstein in the Jura.

Jura Feldbrunnen 16.02 (3)

6 thoughts on “Daily Blog -Nice weather, nice walk

  1. Lovely photos…the “house mountain” is interesting. Is there a story behind that? It’s nearly 8pm there in your town as I write this from my spot “across the pond.” Thanks for sharing your day…(Some people say horse pens; in our neck of the woods there is a road named “Horsepen” road; others refer to stalls with regard to where horses reside)…Blessings to you and Mr. Swiss, and a good evening to you.

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  2. VERY nice walk and some very lovely pictures. I think if it doesn’t rain tomorrow, I’m going out too, but I can’t take pictures because I don’t have any software. I have to get some software. Somewhere.

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    • Yesterday rain was predicted and it rained during the night and today, but normal rain, nothing special. I do not mind. Today is a day of rest for me. I would be lost without my camera and computer, so I know what you are suffering.


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