9 thoughts on “Color Your World – Electric Lime

    • The lime colour can be quite iridescent – I was looking for a photo and entered the word lime and came up with this photo that I once took in the supermarket thinking “it might come up useful one day”.


  1. I really love looking at everyone’s entries for these color words! Yours for electric lime is just great. Limes are so funny to me; I used to think they were a poor excuse for a lemon. I always want to buy them when I see them in the store looking so brightly green. Finally, I found out you make mojitos with them. Very good! Comments are so much fun: fascinating about Indian limes, love the idea of chewing the rind.

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    • Although when you discover that there are about 10 versions of green, it can get complicated to find the correct green. However it keeps me awake searching through my photos. I also found the indian limes interesting.


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