Good Morning

Morning Mist

One of the first photos I might take of the day is the view from my kitchen window, you have to start somewhere. Today it is a misty morning and very cold. We leave a bowl of water outside, mainly for our cat Tabby, but for any other animal that might take a walk during night, and it was frozen this morning. Mr. Swiss tells me it was about -2°C this morning, so probable colder during the night.

Garbage burning 14.02 (2)

Yesterday was completely different. I was thinking about taking a walk in the afternoon, but was not sure. After my golden oldie midday sleep I wrote my daily prompt on the computer and noticed the sun was shining, so I decided to take the chance of a walk along the River bank. I always have to overcome myself before actually going. Mr. Swiss said this time he would not come with me, but I have my so-called “safe route”, along the river and up the 70 steps to overlook the river. Afterwards a safe straight walk home. Before I ascend the stairs there is a bench where I can take a break before climbing the stairs. It is really not so difficult for me as there is a wooden support on the left to hold onto and I have my cane in my righthand, what could possibly go wrong? I also have my mobile phone if there would be an emergency, but have only needed it for the occasional photo up to now, although I also have my camera with me.

The photo is from the path leading down to the river. The two smoking chimneys belong to our waste disposal unit on the other side of the river, where our trash is disposed of. They are smoking day and night.

River Aar 14.02 (9)

It was a wam day and very pleasant for walking. The water was completely clear and was a good opportunity for some wonderful photos of reflections. There were even ducks and swans having a paddle.

Ducks and Swans 14.01 (7)

Although I am not speedy Gonzales when walking, I take my time and enjoy the sights. After being homebound for the past months it makes a wonderful change to get out for some fresh air.

River Aar 14.02 (14)

I eventually arrived at the top of the steps where there is another strategic bench to sit on before proceeding further. Usually there are cows and sheep patrolling here, but it is still to early and cold for them. I really live in paradise here with the surroundings of forests, farmland and a river running through it all. I checked my watch and discovered that it would be time to return home, just another fifteen minutes along the village paths.

This just about does it for me for a walk. I am not completely exhausted when I return, but am glad to relax – and I want to process my photos.

Mr. Swiss had uploaded a film on DVD, Real Gangsters 2013, about two cousines based on the Lo Giacomo gangster family, from New Jersey. I personally had never heard of them, but got interested. The dialogue consisted mainly of words beginning with “F” which seems to be gangster language. I do not know how much was truth and how much fiction, but I was quite amused by the characters. One of the cousines slipped into Italian now and again, which was actually more Sicilian than Italian. I am not really a TV person, prefer to read a book, but this appealed to me.

Today is shopping day. Mr. Swiss said something about making a shopping list, but I have not yet got around to it. After checking on my iPhone cloud I see that he has also not got round to it, so it will be a magical mystery shopping tour today, but I am sure we will find something to eat for the next two days.

And now to the appartment cleaning adventure – have fun, see you around on the flip side.


12 thoughts on “Good Morning

      • That is why I have a written down shopping list, lying around in the kitchen until I think I might make it to the supermarket that evening – and then I pack it into my backpack. When I take the last of something I add that to the shopping list. This way I managed to not forget again my tissue boxes. Some things I do need a shopping list for (like butter, flour, something special for a certain recipe) – for others I don’t – like adhesives – I managed to cut my left ring-finger this morning and had to improvise. So I bought adhesive stripes today.


  1. Good morning young lady. Glad you are now around and about after the winter. I weighed myself this morning and I’m down again, to 98.3 kilos, my lowest for years. I celebrated by having cherry jam spread super thinly on my toast. More like scratched on my toast. I was at our local supermarket at opening time yesterday morning to buy my favourite red wine which was on promotion for €1.99 a bottle. One customer beat me to that wine but still I got seven bottles. That emptied the shelf of that wine. It’s normally €5 a bottle so a real saving. If you were here in Lisbon I would give you a bottle to try although I know you drink only little and rarely. Well it;s cloudy here right now and extremely cold (12c) at 9:35 am. The forecast today is 19c max and 20c max for tomorrow. I’m happy to leave winter behind this year because it was such a cold one. Have a pleasant day, Pat.

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    • I do not have a favourite red, white or any other colour wine. I never buy it and the wine we have are gifts from others. I really do not touch alcohol if I can avoid it. I just do not like the effect it has and that since at least 40 years. We had a wonderful pre Spring day today, sun and warm temperatures and for Switzerland in February, that is almost a first.

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    • Today there was no great walk, just a trip to the supermarket and I drove home – yes I am back behind the steering wheel after a year’s abscence. Tomorrow I will probably take a walk somewhere with my camera. I can no longer take so many photos from the car because I am now driving again.

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