Good Morning

Heart Potato

Ok, today is Valentine’s day, so thought I should so something to show I do have a heart. Not every day you find a heart shaped potato – this was a few years ago. And that’s that. Mr. Swiss has a dental visit to make today and I am cleaning the bathroom – what is so special? At the age of 70 you reach the conclusion that it is Valantine’s day every day, and you have flowers at home, so why spend money buying more. If you really want a nice flower arrangement, then wait a couple of days after the great day. Our flower shops are selling all the romantic arrangements at half price. If you really want to give me something, then something for the camera or the computer, but Mr. Swiss also has a few wishes, so everyone buys their own – yes we are the essence of romance.

Morning computer

This is the beginning of my romantic day at home. The computer is ready to go, the breakfast slice of bread and jam is prepared, so what could possiby go wrong. In the meanwhile I have eaten breakfast with a cup of tea and have done the usual computer inspection tour. When my blog is finished I will move onto my various cleaning sessions in the appartment and will finalise the performance with preparing dinner. I hope by then Mr. Swiss has survived his dental visit and everything goes well.

Othewise there will be no candlelight dinners. Weather and time permitting I might take a camera walk this afternoon. I have no special plans otherwise.

I have now finished my books by Ben Aaronivitch, Foxglove Summer, No. 5 in the Peter Grant series, one of the police specialists for supernatural matters. It was quite good, always something completely different – this time with evil unicorns, changelings and a fairy queen that was not really so fairylike.

What to read now? It is interesting, but we also have Swiss writers, one of which is Friedrich Glauser, who actually passed away in 1938. Her wrote a series of books with the central police inspector figure Suder from Bern and I am now reading “Matto regiert” in German, although I believe there is also an english translation. He is more an insider writer for german speaking countries and his Wachtmeister Studer books have been filmed. I have never read one of his books, and I must say I am enjoying it. The story is based in a metal asylum where a patient breaks out and the director of th asylum disappears. I must say Glauser writes very clearly and I have no problem following the story. Glauser himself spent many years in and out of mental asylums, he was a morphine addict, but I must say a very good writer.

I understand the german in the book very well, he writes clearly and it is good reading. Now and again he mixes some Swiss German into his words and I wonder how the German speaking manage with our dialect. I have no problem, but speak it myself daily.

If you ever find a book by Glauser in english I would recommend it. Although written in the 1930’s that do not have an old fashioned way with them. Naturally the way an asylum was run in the thirties is completely different to the modern methods of today, but it gives a good insight into their way of thinking (just this book – there are others on other themes, which I wil probably also read with time). I have become a Friedrich Glauser fan in the meanbwhile.

And now I must go, there is another life out there besides computers and blogs, so they tell me. I suppose I should make an effort to discover it.

See you later. 🙂


13 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning, Pat. Wow, what a romantic you are, Pat. Not. Can you eat jam if you are diabetic ? I’m totally off sugar to get my weight down. It’s really punishment for me because I love jam at breakfast and I am a chocolate addict too. But I’ve found that I am strong enough to eliminate these things from my diet. When I want something sweet, I unzip a banana or peel a persimmon usually.

    Valentine Day is all about business and profit. Personally I find the whole thing ridiculous. Love is great but we don’t need a special day for it.

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    • I eat everything, but just not to excess. Jam is OK, as in the morning my sugar levels are not so high. If I have cereal with milk I have big problems because of lactose allergy. I do not really have weight problems, everything just goes South as I get older, but it does not bother me. Diat is the last thing I would do. I feel quite comfortable at the moment with my 82 Kilo. By the way the doc did warn me about eating bananas because of the sugar content, but I eat them all the same. I do have a sweet tooth, but I like the good stuff like real cream or dark chocolate and belgian pralines.

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  2. OMG I’ve never met anyone else who enjoys the Rivers of London series – I love the whole parallel magical world idea of them, so imaginative – haven’t read the fifth one yet though, better download it on my Kindle! 🙂


    • I just keep myself informed online what is new. I no longe listen to Mr. Swiss, but do my own thing. The last Microsoft laptop he bought was the same as my Microsoft, so I must be getting good at it.


  3. HAPPY Valentine’s Day all the same….. I know and yet, over the years, I’ve lost my very Swiss way of seeing things practical and with an eye on the money and I just simply enjoy everything I can get at any time….
    Hurry! It's Valentine's Day..... (my Paris catch!)
    This was my ‘tongue-in-cheek’ approach this year. It’s my first upload since Valentine’s Day 2016…..

    LOVED the Studer books and ‘Hörspiele’ – yes, he was very good !!!
    It’s funny, I’m living in France now nearly 9 years and practically only read in English – every year I have far over 100 books to collect at my friends places in UK, books I order across the year and it’s a 12-months-Christmas-Time as far as my reading matters are concerned…..

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    • Thanks, but Valentine’s day is not one of my special days.
      I read a lot, have a Kindle. If the book is originally a german book, I read it in German. If the original is english I read it in english. I have caught up on a lot of German classics in the original language. I like to follow best seller lists to see what is new.


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