Daily Prompt: No Expectations, no disappointments


I was not really expecting a second flower on my amaryllis. The first flower went to the happy dead flower hunting grounds at the end of January and gave us a great show until then. It must be about 10 years since I had an amaryllis, so should have know they usually hide two flowers in their bulbs. After the first flower died, I noticed a few leaves at the base of the stalk, and something else. Did I dare to believe it, but yes, it was a second bud.

I have now kept my eye on the development and it grew and grew, to the extent that it was taller than the first flower. I still have the dead remains of the first flower which has also now developed mega seed pods at the base of the flower. Some might say remove them, as they take the strength from the growing flower, but I like nature to take its own course, and am now waiting for the second flower to open.

I might even take a chance of keeping it healthy during Summr, when it will probably only produce leaves, and give it the opportunity to make new flowers for next year again. Yes amaryllis, I have great expectations of your development, so do not disappoint.

Valentines Arrangement

On the other hand, today is Valemtine’s day, so anything could happen, but I hope it does not. It is a day like any other day. for both me and Mr. Swiss. What is the big fuss. I noticed the shops full of bunches of expensive flower arrangements, and even heart shaped things to eat. For lunch I could have cooked a heart for a change. My mum would  cook a lamb’s heart  now and again for dinner when I was a kid. It seemed to be a speciality of the cockney East End of London. What mum’s mum cooked, was always something to repeat through the generations. I quite liked it, she would stuff the heart chambers with onions. I think if I served Mr. Swiss a sheep’s heart, or any other sort of heart for dinner today, it would not be a success, although I asked him. He said his mother cooked calf’s heart (he originated in a butcher’s family) and quite liked it. Anything from calf today wold be classified as expensive, but in the good old days you could not be choosy, if it was cheap it did the job. Mum could not cook, but now and again she produced something completely different  and anything from lamb was on the cheaper side.

Mr. Swiss did say he would have fetched some chocolates today, but he had to go to the dentist for a complicated attack and was not sure how it would turn out. After more than an hour in the dentist chair, he survived and it was more or less a successful dental operation, even without an injection to deaden the pain. Teeth problems are also a negative side of becoming a golden oldie, but everything is possible. I was not disappointed without receiving choolates, I was glad that everything went well.

And now the sun is shining and I will venture to the great outdoors for a walk with the camera. In the meanwhile Mr. Swiss has cleaned the kitchen – my valentine’s gift.

Daily Prompt: No Expectations, no disappointments

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