Good Morning

Bench 12.02.2017

Whilst half the wold seem to be sinking in snow, Switzerland is snow free in the lowlands, even the sun is shining. It was time to shake off my Winter hibernation and do things completely different. I was sinking into a routine. I was getting lazy. It is easy to sit at a computer and do the same thing at the same time every day, but I had no big choice. Outside it was cold and roads and paths were for me impassable. However, yesterday morning the sun was shining, there was no snow and I do not feel the cold so much in any case. I do not even own a pullover, a t-shirt does it nicely and my coat is warm.

Yesterday morning I decided was the day to break out, see something else than a computer and so I did it in the afternoon. Mr. Swiss decided to come with me. The first thing I saw on the path was the good old bench. It has been there since I can remember, although I think they renew it now and again. I have taken photos of this bench where you can hardly see it for the sea of long grass covering it, but at the moment the grass is only thinking about growing.

It was really good to breathe the fresh air and see something else. After an hour we returned, so I spent the next hour uploading photos – the results of my walk. Mr. Swiss was busy catching up on the results of the voting day in Switzerland on the TV.

Tits 12.02 (8)

I even saw a Eurasien blue tit hanging onto its food ball in front of the kitchen window. They are a common visitor here, but this year I have not seen so many.

Today is Monday, so off to the supermarket. Mr. Swiss has decided I will drive home and I am still thinking about it. Actually it is all part of my new Spring action plan, to go for more walks, drive more and get around to going to the hairdresser which is really necessary. It is overdue for some time. It is a case of taking the phone in hand and making an appointment. I can now even take the car and go on my own. There is also a letter from the dentist waiting to see me. My last visit was many months ago, when I lost a small piece of tooth from a filling. It was so small the job was done in half an hour and I did not even need an injection. At the moment my teeth feel fine and are behaving nicely, but I should have my annual scraping session with the dentist. It is not pleasant, especially when the drill is in the vicinity of a nerve, but afterwards you feel like you have a new teeth construction and seem to have more room in your mouth – all in the mind of course.  I will get round to that as well in the next couple of weeks and then I have done it all. This all means taking the car for the action, but the doc gave me the go ahead last week, so what could possibly go wrong.

I am even a little earlier this morning. Mr. Swiss could not find our Tabby the cat and was worried she had taken a walk and not returned. I promptly found her when I shook her cushion at the top of the wardrobe and she showed he head, being rudely awoken,  with a look as if to say “What’s the fuss”.

Monday is the beginning to a new week, although as a golden oldie I have to check on the calendar to see if it is really Monday.

See you around.

Jura from Fedbrunnen 12.02 (1)

13 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning, Pat. Well just the same as you, I also have to check the days because I often get them wrong. We have sunshine here and 11c but I just checked our forecast and we’re in for a rise in temperature and lots of sunny days. Can’t wait for that. Have a pleasant day, Pat.

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    • I often get mixed up with Friday and Saturday, but week-end remain week-ends even when there is no longer need to work It is cooler today, but no rain or snow. I am not so keen on the very warm days, prefer it to be cooler.

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      • I’m the same, Pat. I prefer the cooler weather but not very cold because of my poor old bones. last night was really thundery here but it seems like I slept through most of it. Was it also thundery there last night ?


  2. Synchronicity. After days and days of driving rain keeping me housebound, it was such a thrill to go for a walk in the sunshine. I, too plan to walk more, and so I walked to the library when I could have driven. Also, I went to the dentist and there was a problem, but only with one tooth!!! Ha, ha, all it takes is one tooth to give you a problem with your teeth!!

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    • I seem to have been locked in through the Winter, not going anywhere except for shopping trip in the car. Now it is time to get out. Just half an hour is enough walking for me, seeing something else and gettin a breath of fresh air. Even the dentist might be something completely different, as long as she does not find anything special to do.


  3. Is it because we are all so busy dashing here and there? We spent Saturday at Acoma’s Feast Day, and dinner with friends that evening; up late Sunday and to the theater to see “Company” – a musical about marriage (or not). I knew the next day should be Monday, but somehow Valentine’s Day was on my mind so I snuck my card to my beloved PA into his napkin that night. Well, he found it this morning and said “I’m not going to wish you Happy Valentine’s Day, because it is tomorrow” – Silly me. He’s put the card away and will look at it tomorrow.

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    • I have never done Valentine’s day and neither does Mr. Swiss. He says he does not need a day, has to spend his whole life with me (yes, I am still working that one out). He doesn’t do mothers day either, for the plain and simple fact that I am not his mother (only sometimes :-). Personally, and it is really my personal opinion, I find Valentine’s day a bit of a money thing. I have flowers in the garden and flowers at home. I do not need more flowers – and if I do, just wait until 15th February, and they are then all half price.

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  4. So you have January as your big snow month and for us, it’s February. We’ve been inside for the last two days while it just kept snowing.

    It must be great being able to see the mountains and snow without having to struggle with it underfoot. In just a few weeks, we will be seeing the last of the winter storms … or so I hope. Glad you got up and out. I’m hoping to be able to do the same very soon. Any day now!

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    • We do not have any particuilar snow month in Winter, but it has a sort of patten. We get the first snow in November, then it disappears until January and if it is a bad Winter will stay through until February. This year we got quite a fall in January and then it stopped snowing but we had extreme cold temperatures, so it stayed around a month frozen on the ground, except where it had been cleared. Now we are snow free, but that does not mean very much. It has been known to snow here during March – so anything could happen. At the moment the weather is cold which does not bother me, but nice for walks (and photography).


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