Colour Your World -Inch Worm

This is my inch worm. It is alive, but only in the elctronic sense of the word. If it was dead I would not receive the signals strong enough for my computer in the room where I work. We have quite thick walls, and needed something to back up the signals. It is a so-called Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) a network security standard to create a secure wireless home network. I am sure it is now quite clear. That is why I can blog almost everywhere, even in the bathroom, although I must admit I have never tried it.

Colour Your World -Inch Worm

6 thoughts on “Colour Your World -Inch Worm

  1. I am curious what brand of wireless router you have that you need a booster or repeater? Our Apple AirPort Extreme really throws a powerful signal. We can use it far out into the yard, anywhere in the house, and in the neighbor’s homes. Our neighbor a few years ago asked us to let them run off our signal as they were only going to be here 6 weeks and it would take two to three weeks to get their own internet installed. They had no problems with the signal. I am not sure this Apple is as powerful as the one we had before but our son is apple crazy. Hugs

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