Good Morning, صبح بخیر

Today’s bilingual greeting is also in Farsi. You know, the language they speak in Iran, they are different to the rest of the arab world as they do not speak arabic but Farsi. I saw an entry in Facebook this morning by Time magazine, where they had pulled together all those “America first, may we be second” videos from various countries and one of them  from Iran. I was quite surprised and pleased that they are now joining in the fun. It was not a bad effort. One of the countries I dealt with in my export days was Iran. They were not the easiest to deal with, but it worked. Payment was always by bank business, Letter of Credit. When dealing with L/C you had to follow every little detail on the document, the dots on the “i’s” and every word had to be written as shown on the document, in spite of perhaps grammatical errors – this is not only Iran but all countries.

I got to know the Iranians and found them very nice and correct people. I remember when the goods were ready for transport, we had a guy come to the company and compare them with the paperwork. He would issue a document to the effect that it was correct – another L/C stipulation. I remember all air freight shipments had to be flown by Iranian Air, and they only had one flight per week from Geneva.I once missed a flight – no my fault, but the airport, but we got the money all the same. This was now almost ten years ago, so perhaps things have changed since.

Speaking of these Trump parodiy videos, I noticed that Great Britain have not made one, so I draw my own conclusions that they either do not want to be second or are still sorting out Brixit or perhaps do not know how to do it. I do not know why they have such a problem, but Switzerland never joined the EU, we had a referendum about it and made our decision. Now we have fun watching how the others are dealing with their escape. I am sure if GB asked Switzerland we would help them to grab their right solution.

Enough politics for a Sunday morning, I am no good at it in any case.

Feldbrunnen to Solothurn 10.02 (8)

Let us have a random photo. I took it as were were crossing the bridge towards the other side of town, the station is at the end of the road. Actually the bridge is now about 10 years old. It was always there, but they had to renew it, so with Swiss precision they built the new bridge whilst the other still existed on the lefthand side. When the new bridge was finished they just demolished the old one – all a feat of precise Swiss engineering. Yes, we do not only make watches, but also bridges. I am not really sure how it was done because all the houses remained in the same place without being demolished.

Today is Sunday, another day of rest, although all days are days of rest for golden oldies. Now and again we do some housework just to show we can do it. I noticed the evenings now stay bright longer and the mornings also. I might even move for a walk in the afternoon. My camera needs something new for a photo, taking photos of the journeys to town and the supermarker can get a little boring now and again. Mr. Swiss has promised me I can drive home from the supermarket on Monday – big deal.  That will be the proof whether I can still do it, I have not been at the steering wheel for at least three months.

And now to explore other things, like how the vacuum cleaner works.

12 thoughts on “Good Morning, صبح بخیر

  1. Good morning, Pat. Love your picture of Solothurn Reading your blog reminded me of the last time I flew out of Iran. It was an Iran Air Boeing 727 flight from Abadan to Athens and it was on that flight I first tasted caviar in my life. And it was in economy class too. Well the flight was good but I hated the caviar and won’t be eating it again for sure. It tastes like cod liver oil to me. Iranian people are incredibly well behaved or used to be when I was there.

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  2. Amazing I now sit in a suburb of Atlanta GA USA and read your words about letters of credit which I also dealt with a little during my working years. Another little thing we have in common besides being golden oldies! Hope you enjoy your walk. I am curious about your sunrise and sunset times now. Days lengthen here too. Sunrise near 7 and set around 6:30.

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    • Dealing with Letters of Credit was part of my job. I was an export clerk and dealt with the Far East as well as other countries, and it was the only possibility to export safely with L/C . I did it for 30 years and never had one fail. Some can be quite complicated, especially when three companies are concerned and you have to draw it all together with one L/C. I have no idea the exact times, I just notice that it now gets lighter earlier in the morning and darker later in the evening.


  3. “I noticed the evenings now stay bright longer and the mornings also. ” I am wanting to walk… but the weather is still uncomfortable… and I am sure when the weather cooperated, I will find three other reasons. Enjoyed!

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