Daily Prompt: They are all against me

Feldbrunnen to Solothurn 10.02 (16)

Today does not seem to be a good day for blogging, everything is confronting me with negativity. My computers have conspired against me and their programmes. The subject of this daily prompt also does not prompt me to be prompted by anything. My golden oldie sleep after lunch was too good to be true, and I probably slept too long. I am aware of the fact that I should write about being aware, but have a fence in front of me. I decided to take a grip my blogging life and do it, despite all the obstacles.

How to begin a blog? Of course, if everything else fails, then with a photo. I had to use my other computer, where I have all the financial stuff as Mr. Swiss needed a document from my account that I had forgotten to print for tax purposes – no problem. I activated the Acer Microsoft computer  and went to the place where everything is kept behind bars, especially safe with no traces left afterwards. I found the document needed and realised I also had a few that I should have printed in Janurary and forgot. I dealt with the necessary and decided to stay on my Microsoft machine and give the apple computer a deserved rest. That was where the problems began, I could not get into my photo programme. How do I start a blog without a photo? After trying I gave up, closed down my Microsoft apparatus and changed to my Apple computer.

I was now in my photo programme, although it suddenly request the password. Something completely different, as Apple does not need a password usually for my various programmes. It was becoming aware. I had to look up the password, found it, and got into the programme and was confronted with a white screen. It was trying, but no connection to my photos. I had a choice: throw the computer into the garbage can or persevere. I decided persevere would be cheaper and so I closed the computer, fired it up again and I was at my origianal aim for my photo programme. Now everything is working well, except for my brain, it still does not want to be aware of the fact it should write words of wisdom and captivate my readers with its originality.

I decided to see what is happening in Facebook, if you are really at a loss  for inspiration then they alway have some sort of solution, even if it borders on the unknown and insane. My computer(s) have conspired against me, Facebook requires a password. I know it does, but not on my Apple computer. I am the only one that uses it and have no reason to block it. And so I had to search for  my Facebook password. I hope that is all, I only really use Facebook and WordPress. I have a Twitter account, but no longer use it so much. I wanted to connect to Mr. Trump, because I thought it would increase traffic on my site, but have not yet found him. It seems he is otherwise occupied today with a Japanese visitor.

I am now aware that I have nothing more to be aware about. Awareness does not seem to be my strength today. I will now move on, my feline wants to write about feline awareness, so anything could happen, problem being I cannot see the forest for the trees.

Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 10.02 (13)

Daily Prompt: They are all against me

4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: They are all against me

  1. I’m not doing awareness today, thanks. I’m tired, it snowed all night and we are brewing another storm. Garry’s trying to keep up with just keeping the front walk clear enough so the dogs can get out of the house and emergency service could reach us if need be (let’s hope there’s no need). Have given up on the back deck. This is feeling a lot like 2015 all over again … and that was a bad, bad year. AND it’s cold.

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    • Sorry for the snow problems you are having, but at least the computer is working. I should have left awareness to be aware of itself – found it a sort of something and nothing. I should really leave my keyboard from such silly prompts.


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