Photo Challenge: Shadow

Shadows Langendorf 06.06 (1)

I have a collection of shadows, I must be a shadow myself probably. If the sun shines, then look where it is shining, because you will find a shadow somewhere. This photo was taken as I was walking across a pedestrian bridge framed by glass at the sides, leading to the local supermarket. Shadows are everywhere. I saw these shadows and stopped immediately, grabbed my camera and a quite impatient Mr. Swiss had to wait for me until I had manged my shot of a few shadows on a bridge. No artistic vein, only thinking of the shopping trip I suppose.

Shadows front garden 26.06 (2)

It is not every day someone wants to see shadows, so I had to add this one from the garden. The sun was shining through my horsechestnut tree so a photo of the leaf reflections.

Photo Challenge: Shadow

10 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Shadow

  1. Two great photos though I especially love the one of the shadows dappled on the ground. I once taught an art class where I had the kids try to draw shadows as they saw them on the ground of the school. They learned a lot about negative and positive space and contour lines.

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    • One of the reasons why I always have a camera somewhere, you never know what you might see. Men seem to have a different sort of internal clock than woman, it never stops and takes a rest, always going ahead.


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