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Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 27.01 (20)

I love the shape of those trees that are cut back continuously. They develp strange forms at the end of the branches. In Winter they are more conspicuous, in summer when covered with leaves not so much. When your walking abilities are limited by Winter weather and you want to take photos, it can be a problem. but I was always adamaent in my aims. Where there is a will there is a way, and so armed with my camera everywhere, I use the opportunities where they they arise. In the garden I have a choice of bird activity. They sit on the tree in front of my kitchen window teasing me to take a group photo, or a luncheon photo when they are eating. I can take a photo through the glass – one of the reasons I like to have clean windows, but a really good photo is out in the open. What happens when I open the window (and it is a full length window that slides open) the birds fly away. They seem to have a built in radar system.

My other alternative for a photo without having to take a hike into the wilderness, is when we drive somewhere. I set the camera on action photo, because the car is moving and I do not want blurred shots, and it works more or less. I took the photo above from the car. Now and again the driver (Mr. Swiss) has to pause to turn a corner or for a stop and then I make the most of it. At the end of the day I might have 40-50 photos in the camera, but usually have to delete about half of them, which is no problem with digital.


It is now 8.30 in the morning, have put new linen on the beds (together with Mr. Swiss) and had my breakfast, so now anything could happen. It was then that I took another photographer’s eye view of the scenery outside and realised I could perhaps shoot one of my Pulitzer prize suspicious photos – not exactly, but the sun only rises once a day. I took this photo with my mobile phone  camera, as my online photo programme, Flickr, have now improved their software, and the photo goes automatically into my albums. It arrives marked “private” which I find very good. There are sometimes photos you want to keep to yourself, although I then do not put them online. I just have to make a few additions, like name of photo, album, make public and the photo is ready to show. I know WordPress have a photo programme, but I do not use it very often. I prefer to work with my html codes when uploading my photos.

And now to the serious side of life. In the meanwhile our beds are fresh linen, Mr. Swiss has done the necessary with the vacuum cleaner in the living room and I have a few bits and pieces to deal with. Today is window cleaning day (again?). I know I always seem to be cleaning windows, but I have a good system and in an hour, often less, I have done half the windows in the appartment. I prefer to do things according to a plan, then there is not so much to do.

No shopping today, although Mr. Swiss might flee from the window cleaning and go to town. My cranberry juice is now at a low and I need replinishment (find a glass a day very beneficial to the waterworks 🙂 ).

Will be back later today. I noticed that the WP weekly photo challenge has now been shifted to Wenesday and there is another weekly challenge to do. Thank goodness for the reader as I otherwise would not have noticed that we have a different day for this challenge.

And now I am gone, there are far far better things to do than I am doing now – famous last words in a Dickens novel, altered a bit according to my situation.

Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 08.02 (14)

4 thoughts on “Good Morning World

  1. I’m waiting for the snow to start. The predictions have been going steadily up all day and are now officially “blizzard” warnings, meaning 12 + inches, very low temperatures (it’s 7 degree F, or -14 C), and the wind is picking up. I hoped we’d manage to skip this part of winter. Oh, well.

    We, have no obligations tomorrow except to pick up some prescriptions, but I have enough to go a while if we are snowed in. AS long as we don’t lose power, we are okay. Here’s hoping!

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    • Ii have seen reports from the states that the snowstorms are arriving. We are still snow free and temperatjres are moderate for this time of the year, but it could change. We do not have far to the nearest town, and in the worst of conditions, have a local train. If we lose power it is usually because someone messed up at the local electricity works.


    • All I can photograph at the moment are naked trees, or snow covered trees. We do not have a great choice in winter. I am not so comfortable in the hot weather and prefer it to be on the cool side. I do not even wear long sleeves, even when I go out. My jacket keeps me warm enough.


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