10 thoughts on “Flower of the Day: 09.02.2017 Orchid

    • No, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning. The flower department is always having new deliveries as flowers do not live very long. It is just at the entrance/exit and so as I leave the supermarket I pop into the department and take a few photos with my mobile telephone camera which directly upload onto my Flickr account. In the meanwhile Mr. Swiss waits outside or visits the kiosk opposite where I am – so no problem. I do not go shopping at the week-end, but leave that one to Mr. Swiss.

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      • When I was a young man in the US Army stationed in Germany I was fascinated by German friends who every day stopped on the way home and bought just enough stuff for supper. One couple never had a refrigerator until their first child was born, then they got a small one for milk. I was an American who was use to going shopping once a week and loading up huge carts full of items to store at home. I love the different ways people can live and be happy. Hugs

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        • I enjoy my visits to the supermarket. It is in a nearby village. Living in a country area in small villages, you get to know people. The sales people are almost friends and greet you by name as we also greet them. I quite enjoy my excursions to the supermarket. I am now a golden oldie and at last have time for life, and do not have to fit it in between work.

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