Daily Prompt: Critcism – why bother

Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 08.02 (9)

At the moment we are overwhelmed with posters on the local roads showing candidates of various political parties for our Kanton in Switzerland. Local elections are approaching for members of parliament. Everyone seems to know everyone in my Kanton/State, so it should not be such a problem. I do not bother, although I know I sbould. Criticise? Of course I have my likes and dislikes, but my late mother-in-law always said they do what they want to do one way or the other, although even she had her preferences.  I do not criticise, or praise. We are bombarded with political discussions on the TV, even on Facebook in my little contact area, everyone is the best and wants only the  best for their part of the world. They are all convinced that their way is the right way.

Of course when the voting is finished, everyone goes back to sleep. Do other countries in the world know that we are now confronted with critical judgement in our part of the world – of course not, why should they, some places do not even know that the Kanton of Solothurn exists.

We all have facebook if we really feel disappointed and betrayed. You can register your criticism there daily. Of course there is the choice to eliminate everything you do not want to see, but that is not my way. I like to keep an open mind. I am capable of deciding myself what is genuine and what is not.  I do not block various other opinions of important matters affecting world affairs, I let them all in. I do not partake in political discussions, just might make a like now and again as I really do not want to be certified as one of those that actually agree.

What really amazes me is the source of the dynamic reports of what is happening. There are quotes from various news sources that I have never heard of. There is no point in mentioning any partiular one. If it is the Washington Post or the New York times, even the Daily Telegraph, OK, they know what they are saying – national newspapers, but it is the little reports with silly news names that are so unserious. I am basically British-Swiss, so what happens in other countries, is none of my business. No, it is, if it affects world peace and world politics.

And now I will criticse the last apple tart that Mr. Swiss made. It was good as ever, but somehow the pepper mill got in the way and the tart definitely has a sharp taste. However I believe today it is even fashion to produce chilli flavoured chocolate, so perhaps he was in an inventive mood. No. 1 son also agreed, there was definitely a touch of black pepper somewhere.

Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 08.02 (2)

Daily Prompt: Critcism – why bother

2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Critcism – why bother

    • If I was in another land, then things would be different. I am just worried that everything will be pushed onto one side as no longer being so important and it is important. I seem to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.


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