Good Morning, Sawatdee

My language greeting today is one that I have used now and again when I meet collegues from this country when we are shopping. It was from them that I learnt how to greet in this language.

Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 06.02 (80)

Since I took this photo 2 days ago on the way home from shopping, when Mr. Swiss took the scenic route, the snow has disappeared from the lowlands, but still remains on the mountain slopes. However, today the prognosis is snow down to 500 meters which is about the altitude of our area, so be prepared. It is not so cold and it will probably be big flakes falling that will not freeze on the roads.

After my absence yesterday morning I am back to more or less normal. I was already on the road with Mr.Swiss at 8.00 in the morning on the way to the doctor. Mr. Swiss dropped me off and enjoyed a free morning in town, drinking coffee and generally having fun. I managed to clear up a few open questions with the doc and we discussed the renewal of my driving licence, which it seems will be no big problem for everyone, except for me. I will renew it, but I really do not enjoy driving. I drove for many years, even took my own little Fiat on holiday to the Bernese Overland , Mr. Swiss driving his car. There was no problem. We were not a car family. Although dad worked most of his working life for Ford Motor Company in Dagenham, London, he never owned a car and never even learnt to drive one. Mum thought they were dangerous objects in any case, and for her it was an adventure to sit in a car as a passenger.  She was a worrier, and was convinced something might happen. Is it a wonder that I never actually enjoyed owning and driving a car, it was more a matter of convenience. When you have four kids  it is a necessitiy, especially if one is handicapped and you have to take him to various special places for therapy.

When I think of the days in Winter when I dragged the Volvo S90 over ice fields to work, taking twice as long as usual, I never had a problem. Now reflecting on it all I realise I only drove because I had to. I never really enjoyed driving. Everyone is now telling me it would definitely be a good thing if I kept my driving licence. Even my doctors are showing encouragement. I have problem with my left leg, as I tend to drag my left foot after walking for some time (MS). but the doc found that I drive an automatic and it will be no problem, as I do not need my left foot – great.

It is no big deal to keep the licence so I will go for it, because everyone tells me to. I am so much more happier sitting next to the chauffeur and taking photos on the way. Today might be the big day when I am let loose again on the road on the way back from shopping. On the other hand they have reported snow and I will definitely not drive if it is snowing.

Otherwise things are again back to normal. I hate those interruptions in my routine with early morning visits to doctors on days when I have a different programme. Actually I was quite astonished to discover that I managed to fit everything in yesterday morning, including a full bathroom cleaning session, although I left my bed 45 minutes earlier than usual.

I now have a nice clean shiny computer. Mr. Swiss found that if I insist on taking photos of my workplace, I should at least have a clean computer, so yesterday I went into action with a damp cloth and tea towel for the shiny effect afterwards. I first of all cleaned up my Apple Macbook. Afterwards I attacked my Acer Aspire. I was having problems with the keyboard on the Acer as the space key was not spacing. However, after a removal of the remains of the jam from breakfast, it is now working perfectly. It even looks better. So is life when you are a stressed out blogger, no time for the necessities of the day.

And now to move on, I have other things to do – like driving a car?

Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 06.02 (135)

14 thoughts on “Good Morning, Sawatdee

  1. Sawatdee krup, Pat. I lived there for eleven years so I knew that one. My laptop also needs a damn good cleaning. It’s a disgrace here and people are starting to comment. I could always buy a new one to save the cleaning. It is slowly dying anyway and getting slower and slower. Have a nice day, Pat.

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    • My friend, she is from Thailand, always says Sawatdee Kaa, because I am a lady. I think for a man it might be Sawatdee Kahn, or perhaps krup which I have never heard. I am now so proud of my laptops, they look almost new.


      • Um, well she said Sawatdee kha because she is a lady. Kha is the spoken form for females and krup is what men have to say. A Nepalese friend of mine had heard so many Thai females in Bangkok say ‘kha’ that he thought everybody said that and the first time I heard him saying ‘sawatdee kha’ I nudged him in the ribs and told him never to use kha’. Funny.

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  2. Sawatdee my dear…. Brother & sister in law have two adopted Thai children…. 🙂
    Regarding your struggle with driving; keep your license going – whether you need it or never again, it’s a good thing to have. You never know. Having said that, I took great pain to convince both my dad and my mother in law to let their rights to drive ‘go’. In my dad’s case very hard work…. and if you’ll never need or wish to drive again – tant mieux pour toi – but if you DO – you still can or could.
    I confess that the thought that somebody with MS (early/advanced state?) might be driving a car – even an automatic one, is also a bit daunting – but knowing the quality of Swiss doctors I think we can cheerfully rely on their judgement (not something I would say of all doctors I’ve met across my life’s journey). So smile and know of your hidden strength! 🙂

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    • It was my general doctor that referred me to my Neurologist, as she did not want to take the decision. My neurologist was completely positive and found that there should be no great problem. No two MS cases are the same, and I had lived with it for many years without knowing, being diagnosed as giddiness (Menière) or just not being so fit. It is now quite clear, after the special examinations, but the Neurologist found driving should not be such a problem for me and because both he and my general doctor would support me, there would be no problems if anything would happen whilst I would be behind the driving wheel. My swiss mother-in-law gave up her driving licence voluntarily and she drove all over Europe, even in the war years when petrol was rationed. I live in a small village and the next town is just along the road. any longer distances I can do by train. It is really for the case of an emergency.


  3. Never heard that greeting. It reminds me of the South African/Zulu one we used last year on our safari – SAUBOWNA. And ‘Good Morning” always brings back memories of Debbie Reynolds, Donald O’Connor and Gene Kelly in my favorite song from “Singing in the Rain.” Hope it’s not raining for you.

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    • It is the normal greeting in Thailand. I have a good friend here and we always greet each other in that way. Actually we even speak Swiss German together, as she has been here many years and is also married to a Swiss. It was supposed to snow today, but it did not, and looks more like rain, but also no rain.

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  4. We’re getting a solid 12 inches of snow tonight through tomorrow. I had so hoped we would get missed again. Oh well. The last snow had just disappeared … or at least most of it. But … it’s February. I’m glad all went well at the doctor.

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    • We are still waiting for the big snow, but temperatures are not so cold and the sun is shining. Why is it that not only presidents lie to us, but the weathermen as well. Must be catching. As far as the doc is concerned everything went well, I am still thinking about it. 🙂


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