Daily Prompt: I heard it on the first Wednesday in February

Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 12.10 (16)

They are positioned on the roof of most buildings in Switzerland, but to be quite honest I am not really sure if what you see here are the actual sirens. We are always prepared in Switzerland, you never know, although I am not really sure what we are prepred for. It can happen any time anywhere. Perhaps there might  be an industrial accident and we will hae to shut all windows and doors and lock yourself in the cellar. Of course we Swiss are informed that we should have an emergency supply of food in the cellar in case we would be under attack. The idea is to have some oil, pasta, beans: stuff that you can keep for unlimited time, although our government does warn us that we should check on the best before dates now and again.

Mr. Swiss was once in the civil defence for a few years, just a couple of weeks in the year. He had to inspect the various rooms in the buildings necessary for defence purposes where there was always a housewife happy to show him around and of course learn how to rescue people from damaged buildings. He was even given an overall for the job. If anything would happen, like being attacked from martians or other extra terrestrials, we all have to have our safe places. I was not very happy about this because it meant that I would be separated from Mr. Swiss, as he would be with the organisers. However, these days are now gone, he is now too old for such exercises.

I do not really think that there is a danger of being attacked in Switzerland, although you never know. We are prepared, we have sirens positioned to make a noise. The idea is that when a siren alarm is activated to turn on the radio and listen.

This is all very nicely organised of course, in the Swiss way of things, but these alarms have to be used now and again to see if they are really working. You never know if one of our many bank vaults might be under attack.  For this purpose on the first Wednesday of every year in February, they are switched on. We are warned  before it happens, and they take no consideration to the public. It usually happens around 1.30 on and off until 4.00  in the afternoon when I am enjoying my after lunch golden oldie sleep. The sound is throughout the country. On every mountain, every hill and in every dale, as well as the towns you can hear the sirens.

The last alarm was last week and I was rudely awakened, Mr. Swiss did not even notice it. He was probably listening to music thorugh his earphones. I hope he will not be listening when there is an emergency situation.

We are so well prepared that we even have a video to show how it all happens.

Daily Prompt: I heard it on the first Wednesday in February

11 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: I heard it on the first Wednesday in February

  1. I’m pretty sure we have sirens in town, but I doubt we’d hear them this far away. They put alerts on through the TV, but if you aren’t working, they also send out alerts via your computer, on Facebook, Twitter and via email. Unless the power is out, in which case, they’ll need to go house to house. A horse might be a good choice 🙂

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    • We have the sirens on most large buildings in Switzerland, even in our village in strategic places. When they sound, the whole country is sounding. It is really only a practice to see if they are still working – you never know. We have stables just across the road, so there would be now problem if the Swiss Paul Revere decided to go on a gallop.


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