10 thoughts on “Flower of the Day: 07.02.2017 Hydrangia

  1. I never saw a white hydrangea either; I wonder if they are hard to grow. I noticed that the beautifully colored calla lilies do not come back year after year the way the white ones do.

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    • My calla have returned for the past 10 years with no problem and they are orange-yellow. Hydrangeas are not so east to grow for me as the earth needs to be mainly peat, and my earth is not so suitable.


  2. I have a very large number of hydrangeas in my garden, but no white ones. Anyhow, they change colour along the different years and weather conditions. Last year, on the local market, I bought the most unusual and most stunning hydrangea ever. A very, very light pink, sort of a faded tired ‘rosa’, and each little flower was filled with frilly tiny petals. After some weeks, the whole plant (still in a very large pot, I nearly ruined myself with this buy) turned ‘green’ – an incredible soft and beautiful green – I have no idea how this would have happened and I think that they put some colouring in the foot of the plants to colour the petals and when they wash out the original colour comes back. I HOPE AND PRAY that this expensive gift to myself will grow again this year – if it does well, I’ll plant it into soil…. Your photo here is so pretty.
    When I was younger, I couldn’t stand hydrangeas, to me they were graveyard flowers!!! It took me years to see their beauty – and now I’m glad about this change of view because I have so many in my garden, planted by the former house owners!

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    • I do not have the suitable earth for hydrangeas in my garden. I know you can change their colours by additions in the soil. My dad had a lovely climbing hydrangea in front of his council house in London. Dad was no gardener, so he just chopped it down when it grew too tall and it would come back better than ever. He lived in the house for at least 30 years and the hydrangea was always there. Unfortunately he passed away last year at the age of 100 and 7 months.
      For me the graveyard flower is columbine, which I do have in my garden and which I quite like. I do not know why.


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