Daily Prompt: Lovingly no longer works

Not that I am a hard callous person. I really try my best, but Mr. Swiss tends to say “I will do it”. Is he relieving me of the hard work, loving assistance? Not really, it is mainly because he knows that if I am really doing something that needs delicacy and care, I will probably drop it, or it will break in some other way. My fingers never leave my hands, but perhaps it would be better if they did. They might get new life, be objects of dependence, instead of being clumsy.

This morning I was frying onions for the sausages I was making for lunch. No problem, they were silly small onions and I had to peel them before chopping them in slices. Mr. Swiss was quickly there in the kitchen to assist me picking up the brown onion skins that were decorating the floor with a brown layer. He knew that there could be perhaaps a problem when I wanted to sweep them together and not be able to stand again afterwards. It is not yet so bad, but I can be very unpredictable.

Now and again I am succesful.



Sorry the photo is not so clear, but it is difficult to take a photo of an avocado pit with a mobile telephone camera, and I did not have time for a full macro for this blog, but you get the idea – I hope. My first attempt at an avocado tree is successful. The tree is surviving and even made some new leaves last week  in Winter. So the second project is on the way. This pit was cleaned lovingly and placed on water at the beginning of Januray. I covered it with a large container to prevent any light as I am of the opinion that this would encourage roots.

Daily I lovingly remove the cover to watch the progress of my new avocado pit. Just over a week ago I notice the pit was beginning to split at the bottom. Today success. The first white roots were appearing, nothing spectacular, but a sign that it was still a living thing. I wanted to show a detailed photo, but this did not work. However, if you look carefully, dead center of this fantastic photo you see a small white point. That is the tip of the white root now growing. It will soon be Spring and I will have two avocado trees on my porch. I will become the first avocado exporter of fruit in Switzerland.


Daily Prompt: Lovingly no longer works

6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Lovingly no longer works

  1. You are much more successful than I; my efforts sometimes sprouted roots, but then there would be a long, long stem and maybe one leaf. My son, Dan, hated these terrible disasters (to him) and once a girlfriend of his begged me to start one again in secret so that she could give it to him for his birthday; he was not amused.

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    • It is typical avocado that they produced a long stem and two leaves, but I persevered. I have made many attempts and I suppose practice might make perfect. I also had one in the garden, but I knew that would freeze in Winter, I just wanted to try it, but who knows, perhaps it might appear again. I think every avocado I buy I always try to grow one. Avocado is definitely not something Swiss, and they are all imported. I have to keep it in the living room in Winter.


    • Same here, you said that well – with the crazy part. Mr. Swiss is a great help. As soon as I drop something he is ready to pick it up. He has the feeling that if I try I might not be able to stand again, now I wonder where he gets that from.


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