Good Morning, 早上好

The greeting this morning is in chinese, and according to Internet Mandarin Chinese, so I hope it is and not some sort of chinese profanity, you never know.

Otherwise my first check this morning found that Trump is still in charge, a Swis machine had to land in Canada because they somehow lost a motor and it is raining outside.


An early morning photo as our estate awakes. It was raining and a couple of cars were driving throught on our local road.

It is Friday again, time for a week-end shopping tour. The list is made, it is united on our cloud on the telephone, so two golden oldies will again be seen in the supermarket with their mobile telephones in their hand checking through everything and eliminating what is already in the shopping trolley. You have to go with the times I suppose, and as I am no longer capable of writing anything by hand that I can read myself, it is the best solution. I notice other golden oldies are not so cyberised as Mr. Swiss and I, but they seem to know what they want.  This time Mr. Swiss was the driving force when he told me yesterday evening he had made the list so I called in to check through it and add anything he might have fogotten. There were a few odds and ends, it always needs a woman’s touch somewhere, but otherwise he did quite a good job.

This morning we had a call to say the guy will be coming on Monday morning to replace our cracked sink in the bathroom. He said something on the phone about 7.30 a.m., but we managed to move it onto 8.00 as at 7,30 in the morning we are still feeding the birds and eating breakfast. Anyhow it was a prompt organisation. Probably because we still had the detailed plans from the last two times when it got a crack.

We have another voting week-end in Switzerland in a weeks time, although we have already completed our papers and sent them off – we do it by post, although our voting place is only around the corner living in a small village. I am not sure what I actually voted for, but even one of the newspapers said it was very complicated, but it would be a good thing to say yes. I leave it all up to Mr. Swiss, as he has it in the blood. I am just an immigrant in this country and a paper Swiss. I usually skim through the items on the voting list to see if there is anything that would really bother me, but generally what 7-8 milion people is Switzerland decide cannot be so bad as to change the face of world politics. Most countries are not even sure we exist, just a place to pass through when on your way to somewhere else.

And now time to go, whilst the going is good.

Crow 02 (3)
There is always a crow watching somwhere.

12 thoughts on “Good Morning, 早上好

  1. I’m not quite sure if I’m capable of typing but let’s try. I have to blame Kumar for opening a bottle of excellent white wine to have with the chicken and chips this lunch time. What’s this about a Swiss machine landing in Canada, Pat ? Was it a plane ?

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    • No big deal Dai – it was a Swiss airlines plane destined for LA and there was machine trouble, so it had to land at a small airport in Canada until the Swiss arrived to solve the problem. No hijacks, or forbidden Trump exercises, it was just an accident and everyone was safe. Probably less dangerous than your glass of white wine with the chicken.

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  2. I’m always aware of the existence of Switzerland and wake up every morning with the very, very, very faint hope that I’ve woken up there. In the book I’m writing at the moment, the family is about to leave CH for America and I’m pretty torn up about it. I keep saying to them, “DON’T GO!!!” but I already know they aren’t going to listen.

    Yesterday I went on Ancestry to find names (everyone in my Swiss family is Heinrich or Johannes) and discovered that some of my ancestors on my maternal grandfather’s side were from Warwickshire and were Pilgrims in Salem, MA by the name of More and they arrived in 1640 or so. I had to google Warwickshire because I am not at all familiar with the geography of England. It seems Shakespeare was born there…

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    • Although I naturally know England well, I do not know Warwickshire,but Mr. Swiss does quite well. Actually he has probably seen more of various regions of the British Isles than me. As a young man learning english, he was there for a year in London and travelled the complete coast of England in a car with a couple of his friends. Anyhow Warwickshire is the home of Shakespeare and also the home of the headquarters of Volvo cars, where Mr. Swiss worked for the Swiss headquarters. He was in Warwick a couple of times for meetings and always had a very nice hotel in Stratford upon Avon, the birthplace of Shakespeare. He said it is a very nice place and I know he like going there. You definitely have some interesting relations. Shame they left England, you could have had a nice place to visit if they had stayed. Is Salem the place where they found a few witches?
      Looking forward to the next book. As things are today I must admit they would have been better off staying in Switzerland.

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      • Salem is the place where they found witches. Very strange place (IMO) in history. I haven’t been there, either. I think I’m more likely to go to Warwickshire. 🙂 There are still Schneebelis in Affoltern am Albis, but I don’t think they’re likely to regard me as a near relation…

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        • There are Gerbes in a village Langnau in Emmental where we originate. I would say 99% of the telephone book is Gerber, and they are related to us, according to which farm they originate. We are from the Kohlgraben etc. etc. I am sure the Schbeebelis in Affolten are related to you in some way. They are also Gerbers from Bernese Overland, but they have nothing to do with us.


          • I guess they are related to me — but ten generations ago! I thought of looking them up (some Americans do that…) but really I’m just a random American. All I’ve learned indicates that pretty much all of us have some Swiss ancestor… The woman I’m writing about now who doesn’t want to leave wasn’t even related to me. Her husband had a son with his first wife who died in childbirth. I’m descended from him. And, the woman died on the ship coming over. Pretty much as soon as the ship landed, he found a new wife and had a lot more kids. :O

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  3. Salem is up on our north shore. Massachusetts is a small state, so you can get anywhere from anywhere else pretty quickly. The main thing that’s wrong with Salem is that it’s really hard to find parking in the very narrow, twisting lanes, and it has become more than a little commercialized. But it’s a beautiful place. The whole area is love. Gloucester is virtually next door and it’s the home of one of the last big fishing fleets. It’s part of that rock-bound New England coast, about as scenic as you get in these parts. Rockport is the other town … and it’s the most photographed harbor in the world. Having photographed it myself, I understand why. It’s one of the places where it’s hard to get a bad picture.

    It must be nice to live in a relatively small, homogeneous nation. One of the biggest problems this country has is the vast religious, cultural, social, ethnic and every other kind of differences. Although in theory this is a melting pot, a lot of us have never quite melted and even if we did, no one mixed the pot.

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    • Sounds interesting. I only know Salem from the history books, but the coastline must be wonderful.
      I have been living in Switzerland for 50 years and quite like it.We are a small compact nation and so it is quite well organised with our direct democracy. We have our problems, but you always know what is going on and it keeps us all busy working it all out. In a country speaking four official languages things can get quite interesting.


  4. My first husband was Chinese, so in Cantonese we say Cho Saan. I have used that in restaurants in the UK, but here they mostly speak Mandarin and it’s a bit different. I never learned to read or write, though my half Chinese sons gave me a big Pinyang dictionary. Too difficult. Choi keen (see you later).

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