6 thoughts on “Flower of the day: 03.02.2017 Primrose

  1. I can tell you must use a really good camera, because I am now enlarging all posts on my 27 inch screen (they don’t enlarge quite that big) and I am enjoying your photos immensely. I find with a few other blogs, the photos pixilate when enlarged. I am in a new phase, with this enlargement business. I just love it. All the words on my screen are now mammoth.

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    • I usually take my photos with my Nikkon camera. I have two, one with the macro lens more or less permanent, and the other – a smaller camera, where I change the lens according to what I want to take a photo of. I have a zoom lens which is very good for animal photography. But that all takes time to upload and adapt. I often need a quick photo and there my telephone camera is very useful because I have a direct link to my photo programme. However I am limited in detail and a zoom attachment would be just what I need.


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