Daily Prompt: Time to be overwhelmed


I have just been overwhelmed. After a golden oldie midday sleep I arose, pulled myself together and let the cat out, who was waiting to enjoy the warmer weather. I decided to accompany her into the garden, and then I saw my overwhelming experience. The first snowdrops are showing their heads. The garden has been covered by a snow layer for the past weeks and there was nothing to be seen except for footprints in the snow and a few birds that decided to see if there was anything for lunch. Now the first snowdrops have arrived, so it looks like Spring is on its way, although it still has a long way to go.

It was then I saw next surprise, clinging to the wall. When you find things clinging to walls, take a photo, you never know what it might be.


I proudly showed my discovery to  Mr. Swiss. His reaction “don’t touch it, do not go near to it, avoid it”. I was under the impression that my garden was under attack. Just a sweet little brown bug discovering the world and had probably only just slipped out of his next, or egg, or whatever. He was to be avoided, ignored, left to lead a lonely life. I only actually wanted to take a photo, which was not so easy as this bug was clinging onto a vertical wall and I only had my mobile phone camera. Anyhow here he is, so what was the big fuss. Mr. Swiss informed me that it was a perfect example of the race known as “stink bugs” and they do stink, the stink is overwhelming it seems and if I make contact with it, I will also stink.  I was so glad I had at last found something more to write about. I do not get overwhelmed so quickly these days, and now I had two things to write about for today’s prompt, snowdrops and a stink bug.

The day is not over. Perhaps I will get a phone call from the Pulitzer prize people to inform that one of my spectacular photos have been nominated for a prize. There is also a chance that one of my great blogs will be chosen as blog of the year – if pop stars can get Nobel prizes, then why not bloggers? There are all sorts of opporunities to be overwhelmed.

So to alleviate my disappointment I decided to take a look at my back garden.

First Anemone

Even my anemones had survived the Winter and had begun to show their leaves. What could be better.


My rosemary of course: despite the fact that it was snowed on, it survived. Switzerland is not a bad country for rosemary, but it is a sensitive plant and if it survived the Winter then you have good prospects of it growing well during the year.

And the overwhelmations are now finished. Spring has not yet sprung but it seems to be thinking about it and tomorrow? Is my 48th wedding anniversary – will be back.

Daily Prompt: Time to be overwhelmed

13 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Time to be overwhelmed

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  2. I wanted to find out why this stinking creature is referred to as *green* shield bug. Well, I did. You captured it (what made you think it’s male?) in its winter colour. How smart of it/him! He/it must be related to chamaeleons. 😉

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    • We get green ones as well. To be quite honest I have never smelt one, so I really do not know how they smell. Women stink bugs certainly do not stink, they have sometning more like Dior Chanel No. 5 I am sure. I just happened to see this brown thing on the wall and took a photo. Mr. Swiss explained it all afterwards.

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  3. I really need spring this year. It’s been a hard winter. Your photos brought joy to my snowed in, half-frozen little soul. I think I planted snowdrops. Hmmm…. It’s still far too cold here for anything except permafrost, but I’m going to have a look anyway and maybe put the birdhouse back up.

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    • The snowdrops are the first to arrive. We have milder weather at the moment, but it seems the next couple of weeks will be frozen again, so nature will again be standing still and waiting. My birdhouse is regularly used since November by the birds. I have a lot of clearing to do with the seeds that have dropped onto the ground.

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  4. I had one of those in my kitchen. My nephew was visiting and he said, “Don’t touch it, don’t touch it”. I didn’t know why. Anyway, I scooped it up in a paper towel and put it in the garbage. No stink and “all gone”.

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    • I have never had one indoors. They mostly stay in the garden and do not really bother me. The only insects I kill are flies as there are always a few hundred waiting to take over afterwards.


  5. Congratulations. And thanks for the tip on rosemary in a snowy climate they must be tough. I’ve been having stern words with mine as it doesn’t seem to have come through our summer all that well. Perhaps it is old age.

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    • Thanks. If you cover up the rosemary it has a good chance of coming through Winter. If the Winter is not so harsh it might be OK. I now just leave it to chance. If it dies, a new one does not cost so much.

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