4 thoughts on “Colour Your World: Golden Rod

    • The fire bugs are quite harmless and just like to nibble at the roots and seeds. They are the first to arrive when the weather is warmer, and usually manage at least three breeds per year,


  1. Pat; I’m afraid I have rather unpleasant news for you – we are also invested with firebugs every year and although they are not a real danger, they DO eat the ladybug’s food – and THAT WE CAN’T TOLERATE 🙂
    What really irks me is that they multiple while you’re just looking on for 2″ – they multiply in such numbers that our lovely, lovely GlĂĽckskäferchen are less and less numerous ‘chez nous’. And that’s a tragedy. Really
    Also, many people tell me to get rid of the Goldenrod because it is taking over the ground. It DOES – but I let it be – because I see that the little critters and bugs and bees and butterflies love them and that’s good enough for me.
    I’m happy to follow you – just need to know if you’re on Flickr too? That’s my stomping ground – sadly I had no pics added in one year now because of my bad eye-sight. But I’m still very active in commenting on private basis and still have and create thousands of photos all of which nobody will probably see. I always plan to upload and then I don’t…. Lack of time too – and I only ever uploaded when I knew I had the time to reply to my friends commenting. Try
    https://www.flickr.com/photos/vol-au-vent/ when you have a Moment – but NOT TODAY! It’s your wedding anniversary – go for a nice meal or open a very good bottle of something sparkly or whatever does it for you.

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    • We have had firebugs since at least 15 years and the ladybirds have survived as well. I just like to have insects in my garden for taking photos. I had more golden rod, but removed it all, and now have just a couple of surviving plants which are OK with me as they do attract many interesting insects. They are easy to remove if necessary.
      I am also in Flickr Tabbynera and have been in flickr for many years. I like to work with html codes when applying my photos, I find it easier – comes from the days when I dabbled in making websites.


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