Good Morning, bom Dia

Dog at vet 01.02 (2)

TabbyWe had to stop off at the vet yesterday on the way home from shopping as Mr. Swiss had forgotten to have Tabby’s Vaccination card stamped with her injection renewals. She has quite a history of injections. The photo only shows the second page, the first page is full, but she is now an elderly lady. Of course the vet does not do it for nothing, but a bill for illness would amount to more. When we arrived at the vet, Mr. Swiss said he will go quickly and I can wait in the car. No way, I thought, you never know what you might see at the vet for an interesting photo – perhaps a snake, a lizard, a parrot, anything is possible. However, this time there was only a dog being very friendly. It seems the dog belongs to one of the ladies working for the vet. Anyhow I did not miss the opportunity of taking a photo. We also had to pick up Tabby’s “tic” and “flee” medicine, although Tabby is a clean cat with short fur, but better to be safe than sorry. You just have to empty the capsule on the back of her neck in the fur and it spreads into the body. Some say it is not so good, but we have never had a problem. The only problem is getting Tabby to accept. She has the habit of realising when something is good for her and she afterwards spends the next few minutes trying to lick it off. However licking the back of the neck is not so easy.

Brunnen SpaltThe plumber called past for an inspection of our cracked sink  which will be replaced in a few days by the specialist. No problem, the insurance covers it all. We also had our soap dish replaced for the bath, which has to be set into the wall. A metal part of the old dish had broken, and it was difficult to take the soap without cutting your finger on the sharp edge, although Mr. Swiss did tie some black sticky tape around it. It did not look so good, so ow we have a nice stainless steel one, bigger than the last one, although the soap bars are not bigger: anyhow it looks good.

I almost set fire to the kitchen yesterday, but I did mention that in my daily prompt blog. I forgot there was butter melting in the pan, and was convinced that I had not begun to melt the butter. Luckily I smelt it before anything happened – just a golden oldie moment of forgetfulness.

At last the snow has disappeared. Actually it did not bother me because it was in places out of my way and was pretty to look at. On the other hand, my photos were somehow becoming boring, everything had a white backgroud. I can see clearly now the snow has gone (would be a good line for a song) and even my photos seem to be sharper, although perhaps I was not shaking when I took them, or the sparrow was sitting still in the tree.

Sparrows 01.02 (2)

And that’s that. I have other things to do, but not so much, just a few windows to clean keeping up appearances. Will be back later. Today I am just cooking spaghetti with a tuna fish sauce so what could possibly happen?

13 thoughts on “Good Morning, bom Dia

  1. Today I am planning some nice, easy chicken (in the ZEIT-online there was a recipe called Partyhühnchen) with a fruity sauce (Granatapfel- pomegranate). Since it is chickenbreasts it will be finished quite quickly. Best served with rice they suggest.

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    • I am sure that was very delicious. My problem is that I have to feed myself and please two others at the table as well, and my idea of good is not always theirs. Today I cooked spaghetti with tuna fish. Actually I wanted to do it with prawns but Mr. Swiss put down his veto to the preference of tuna fish. I would have preferred prawns and I always buy the cleaner more expensive sort as I am not keen on the imported prawns form strange countries, where they seem to swim in a Kloake (I think english word would be sewer). Oh well, it turned out OK. sometimes I wish I could just cook for I, me and myself.

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  2. Bon dia, Senhora. I must admit I was surprised to see ‘Bom dia’ in your blog title this morning. Yes thats what we say here but only early. Later in the day we have to change to ‘boa tarde’ for some reason. Anyway I sometimes forget and give the wrong greeting. I have to walk up to our local supermarket now so I will have to say ‘bom dia’ several times on the way and in the shop. I was just about to start preparing lunch and discovered that all vegetables are finished so I have to go even though I hate the thought of going. I’ve no idea what to cook today, Pat. Maybe something simple like fish fingers with boiled potatoes, curried chick peas and a salad. Does that sound awful or okay to you ?

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    • I try a different language daily, there are enough languages in the world to keep me going. How do they say it in Katmandu? Food is no problem here, I go three times a week on my usual days and in between Mr. Swiss has nothing better to do than have a coffee in town and buy anything we might need. I very much like chick peas, got to know them from my Indian boss. Mr Swiss is not so keen, so I do not often have the chance to eat them. Since I discovered the frozen chick peas it is better, otherwise I have to cook them too long until they are ready to eat. Not a spontaneous food.

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      • Most people don’t say ‘good morning’ although well educated people will day it, probably in English too. The traditional greeting in Nepal is ‘namaste’ which can be said at any time of the day when meeting somebody or saying goodbye. It is very respectful but can also be translated as a very respectful hello and rarely used between friends and family members. It is written like this ‘नमस्ते’

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        • I know the word “namaste” from the Hindus in India. Usually you put your hands together and bow the head and say it. Probably the two languages are closely related. the writing also looks very sort of sanskritty similar.

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  3. We use the same kind of medication for the dogs heartworm and other preventions. Nothing works against ticks and fleas except a very expensive collar that we buy for them in April or May and lasts 9 months, so even though it’s expensive, not having them pick up fleas and ticks is worth it. Also, there are a LOT of very serious tick-borne illnesses here that affect not only dogs, but cats, horses AND people, including Lyme Disease — something that nearly killed Cee and the long term effects of which are still with her. We don’t mess around with the preventatives because the things they prevent are very serious. And of course, prevention is always a lot less expensive that curing illness. And a lot less heart breaking, too 🙂

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    • Our cats have never had fleas, but our long haired black beast Nera, often had a tick or two or three. I trod on one once that had fallen out of her body, and we have a white tiled floor. Looked like a blood bath. I know Cee had a very bad experience with Lyme disease and I have also had one or two with its head buried in my arm, but managed to remove them with the head, which is important, but not an an easy task. Tabby has had a couple of very sleepy days lately, but today she is her old self. I think the injections made her feel tired. This morning she hopped onto my bed for an early morning scratch and stayed until I arose.


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