Daily Prompt: What a Mess


It is Thursday, the day when it is all done. I finshed this morning with quickly cleaning my back windows, just three double windows, but when you are Super Woman you just whip through the whole thing with some cleaning liquid, a window wiper and a nice white cotton cloth (remants of used underwear torn up) leaving a trail of shiny glass reflecting the cleanliness of the complete home. Yes, the final touches, beginning with Monday cleaning doors, Tuesday cleaning the bathroom and kitchen (Mr. Swiss) and Wednesday the shower. No big deal, all in the routine of the lady from planet Krypton Earth. And so I sit down and have nothing to clean until next week on Monday, but with a inside feeling of triumph.  The sun is shining, and the birds are signing, so let’s go into the garden. The snow has now gone, it is warmer, but birds do not clean. They are happy birds, because they are regularly fed by me and Mr. Swiss.

Of course they eat it all, but seeds have a shell and they do not eat the shell. Birds do not clean, why should they. Their main duty in life is to eat, fly, eat, lay eggs and then collect food for the offspring. It all revolves around the same thing, if we find food we have done it. In summer it is no problem, there is always an unsuspecting worm, bug or fruit hanging on a tree. In Winter they are poor little things, it is cold, food is scarce and so I do what I can to feed them. My next door neighbour also has a food table for the birds in her garden, there are many scattered in our area, we are suddenly bird lovers and mothers in Winter.

“Look Chirpy she has filled the bird house again.”

“Great beaky, I just lover those sunflower seeds.”

“Yes, they are the best: difficult to remove the outside, but afterwards one big delicacy.”

Bird FoodAnd so they munch through the provisions, dropping the parts they cannot eat and  leave the remainders where they fall. At the same time birds are quite reproductive in the recycling methods. I would say for every two beakfulls, their little tummies cannot take more and so they have to make room by removing the ballast. They do not have toilets, why should they, they are birds not mammels and after all it is all in the name of fertiliser. Just drop it where  you are and so they move on, leaving the remains for me to clear away.

Eventually it will rain, and the left over seeds which are also scattered below their feeding places, begin to germinate and I spend many happy hours removing growing sunflowers and other strange green plants looking very much like wheat or barley, or perhaps just unidentifiable stalks.

Luckily I have a gardner that removes most of the ballast and when April arrives the bird feeding stations are gone and so are the remainders of the food until the end of the year, in November when it all begins again.

Why bother? Of course I do, cannot have hungry thin  birds in the garden. I am proud to say I have the fattest, fittest, livliest birds in my garden. They even fall off the branches of the rees now and again because of their overweight and loss of balance.

Sparrows 01.02 (3

Daily Prompt: What a Mess

9 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: What a Mess

  1. truly a beautiful post… the clean windows and the way you nurture the birds – with your neighbors…
    and the ending photo – with a flutter – is artsy and nice.

    oh and just one thing to add…
    their main duty in life is to eat, fly, eat, lay eggs and then collect food for the offspring…
    can’t forget to add
    and sing… or tweet

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    • Thank you. I would just like to add, that I am convinced they are only singing for their supper. Food is the guiding tool in the bird world. Now and again they have lively discussions, and even fight for the right to be first at the feeding able. However, when the crows arrive, there is silence – no bird dares to disturb a crow when it is searching for food.

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      • ha! well I bet you are right (or singing for the mating)
        and chilling to hear the arrival of crows.
        but you and the mr have a kind heart to join your neighbors to care for these birds.

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        • The crows have had their colony here longer than we have lived here. We also have a magpie colony. They were here first of all. I love them. They take a flight once or twice a day and we usually put out the bread remainders for them in the morning (although it is not supposed to be good for them, but they have not complained up to now), They stuff their beaks full of as many pieces of bread they can manage and fly off to wherever their places are. They are big birds and do not really hop, more a waddle – I love them.

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