Good Morning, سهار مو پخير

My greeting this morning is in Pashto which is spoken in Afghanistan and also Pakistan according to my Internet information.

Sparrows 28.01 (3)

Birds find a place everywhere for their nests. This one was sitting on the window sill in front of the blind opposite. At the top of the blinds there is a hollow space and in Spring it is not unusual for them to build their nest there. However, it is not such a good thing, as all sorts of insects also feel at home in the bird’s nests. This little bird was probably reserving its place for Spring.

Yesterday we had another one of those little accidents resulting in a cracked sink in the bathroom. It is not the first time. The porcelain is so fragile and it does not need a lot. Something dropped and  arrived in the wrong place. Luckily we have a double sink. The insurance has been informed and so has the repair man, so now it is just a case of waiting for it to be replaced. I am now searching for some sort of fitted cover for the sinks to stop it from happening again. I think it is the third replacement of a sink.Anyhow we had a bit of excitement for a change.

Yesterday was the day that Tabby paid her annual visit to the vet for her jabs. She was a good girl and made no big fuss. The vet said she was in good condition for a 15 year old feline, but had collected some dental scale (brown stains) on her teeth on the way. At the moment it was not so bad, but not something that can just be removed without being put to sleep. The vet said at the moment it is OK, but when we notice she stops wanting to eat and salive runs out of her mouth, then it is time to do something about it. We are not very happy about this, as it is always a risk giving an animal anaesthetic, and it was under anaesthetic that we lost Nera, although Nera was overweight and probably had a weak heart. Tabby is quite active and still springs around and often has a mad few minutes when she chases objects that we cannot see.

I finished my book yesterday. I was at a loss of what to read, but someone her mentioned Ken Follet, who is one of my favourite authors, so I chose one of his books, “Paper Money”. I was a little put off when I read the introduction by Ken Follett himself. It was one of his first books, written before he wrote “The Eye of the Needle” one of his best and he found it not so good. It tells of a day in the life of various people, financiers, a minister, a crook and  a newpaper reporter amongst others. Gradually throught he day they come together and a story is born. When I finished the book I found it to be quite good, something different, although I am not usually keen on books that take place in a day. However the story developed quite well. Where I have to laugh often is if there is a gangster, a 100% criminal, they almost always originate in the East End of London, Bethnal Green, my home territory as was the case in this book as well. True, there was an underworld of sorts, but only if you were involved with it. My dad was not a gangster, and went to work daily to his factory. Mum was a housewife and now and again had a part time job. I remember she once worked in the city offices as an office cleaner. She had to start work early in the morning and have everything ready before the office workers arrived, so no gangsters or tarts in the family.

I am now on my way, today they let me out to do some shopping, take some photos on the way and generally enjoy the freedom of our daily life. I will be back. I saw that Mr. Trump is still there, but things are quiet at the moment as the poor man now has a well deserved holiday probably to recover from writer’s cramp. I read somewhere in one of those silly newspapers online that if he does visit her majesty in England, she has the right to kill him – now that is going perhaps a little too far.

6 thoughts on “Good Morning, سهار مو پخير

  1. Dental work and old pets is a big problem. We ultimately decided against it for Nan, our old terrier. She was well into doggie dementia and very arthritic. We felt there was as good a chance the anaesthesia would harm her as the dental work would help her. there are some greenie treats that help clean teeth — if they are available and she likes them. Otherwise you just have to make the best choice you can, but I know how hard it is.

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    • Tabby is our last of the feline family. We are now too old for a new pet. I would only entertain giving an older animal a home if no-one wanted it. We said goodbye to two felines and Tabby one day will go on to wherever felines go. She is in good condition, but her teeth are also 15 years old. She fed on the pellets most of her life, which are not so bad. At the moment she is doing fine, the vet was just doing her job by telling us, so when the time comes we will have to think it over.


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