Daily Prompt: Cannot Resist


There are so many things that I cannot resist, but that makes it all worth while I suppose. There are some things I wish I could resist, which causes more problems than it should.

I continuously write a daily blog, or two, or three, or even more. If I see the word “challenge” I am there examining what it is all about. I am no longer as good a moving as I was, we all have problems as we grow older and mine is moving. My brain still functions, at least I think it does. “Brain how are we doing?” “Not too bad, but I sometime have problems keeping up with you.”

I often think of stopping my blogging, but there would probably be something missing from the daily routine. I take photos everywhere because I might need them for a blog, or just because I want to take a photo. I upload books continuousy on my Kindle, because I cannot resist reading a good book. I think they are good, perhaps not everone’s taste, but who cares. I read them not everyone else. What would a day be without fulfilling the daily prompt. I a sure I would survive, but what else shall I write. i must admit I am not always prompted by these prompts, but I never seem to be at a loss for words (according to Mr. Swiss). What does he do when I am blogging – no idea, but he never seems to be bored. I sometimes hear jazz music from his room or perhaps the TV.

Ok, I suppose the brain does slow down when we get older. Lunch time today I was frying two small pieces of meat for lunch for Mr. Swiss and I. Suddenly I remembered that I had left my iPad, or was it my mobile phone, in another room. On the way I got distracted by something. I cannot even remember what it was. Suddenly I heard a sort of noise in the kitchen, a crackle,  and found a pan with melted butter, which was on the verge of turning into a fire. I cannot remember that I actually turned on the heat on the pan, but I probably did. I decided that cold water would not be the solution for the smoking pan of butter and so I took a metal stand outside on the porch and balanced the pan on it and waited until the fumes and smoke subsided. These things can happen but should not. It smelt quite strong and burnt, but I was the only one who noticed.  I have the strange feeling that had I not noticed this small oversight, the pan and the kitchen might have caught on fire. Now tht would make an interesting blog with perhaps the one word title “Ignite”.

In the meanwhile our plumber arrived to examine the crack in our sink in the bathroom. Someone dropped something on it. Actually that someone opened a cupboard above the sink and something fell out. It will be replaced, no problem, we are insured. It is the third sink we have had replaced within the last 10 years: must be weak material, although the plumber said if it was steel it would have a dent and also have to be replaced.

Now and again I cannot resist complaining about something political, but at the moment it seems everyone is complaining, rightly, about something political.

And my inspiration has now gone and I have again blogged – just could not resist it.

Daily Prompt: Cannot Resist

13 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Cannot Resist

  1. I caught grrase fire last month just befote it set off thr smoke alarms a d sent about 100 peoplt outside in zero weather. I had started my breakfast and one of my cramps hit me. The first I knew I smelt burning oil.

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    • I really do not know why it happene to me. I was convinced I had only put the butter in the pan, and had not begun to melt it, and then I wandered off. I smelt burning oil and I am convinced had I been a couple of minutes later it would have been flaming oil.

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  2. I have to put a new sink in my bathroom, too, but I haven’t figured out what kind. I guess sometime long ago someone opened the medicine cabinet above the sink, something fell out and cracked the sink. I wish I could do it myself, but…

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