Colour Your World: Banana Mania

Banana skin 19.08 (2)

Bananas are healthy, after all it is the first fruit that you eat as a baby. Just mix it with the milk, even a baby can digest a banana. Mum would even make banana sandwiches for tea in East London. We were a working class family and a banana sandwich did not cost so much. Two slices of bread spread with butter, and a mashed banana in between, or perhaps you prefer your banana sandwich with slices of banana.

I still eat bananas today for health reasons, to regulate the digestive system, although apparently if you are diabetic they do tend to have too much sugar. You can never do anything right it seems to me. The banana in the photo I took must have really been a good banana, even a fly decided to have a taste. I think this was one of my first experiments with my new macro lens.

Colour Your World: Banana Mania

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