One Word Photo Challenge: Elder


My hand used to be so perfect. All the fingers long and slim, almost beautiful. I never had wrinkles and where do all those brown spots come from? I even played piano with these hands. I still do, but somehow the movments no longer flow as they did. Why is the finger on the right thicker than the others. Did someone say something about arthritis and it happens when you get older? Now and again I might get a twinge somewhere, but who cares. They are the hands of a 70 year old golden oldie and I can still write on the computer using all 10 fingers,that is the main thing, yes I can do it.

One Word Photo Challenge: Elder

5 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge: Elder

  1. I remember when I was a kid wondering my m y mother’s hands looked so old, so much older than her face. I guess it was the work, the washing … and maybe, the old truism that you can always tell the real age of a woman by her hands. Actually, mine look better than the rest of me! Yours look pretty good too. Not so bad. We’re doing okay!

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    • And when I now look at my own hands, with their lumps and bumps and a few scars, I also wonder where the young lady has gone. I broke my left arm twice in two different places so the feeling is a couple of fingers is no longer what it was. I manage in any case, I have a bionic arm with its own steel plate.


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