Good Morning, nuqneH

Today I though I would greet everyone in Klingon for a change. Shame the language is not used more, it would definitely improve friendships between extra terrestrials.

It is a rainy day today, began some time yesterday and has only rained once since, so the snow masses have almost disappesred.


Today I’m late, I’m late, as the white rabbit said in Alice in Wonderland. But golden oldies do not have to go anywhere or do anything in particular. This one does, although it is all self imposed. I like to get a prompt start on the day, I have a bathroom to clean. Mr. Swiss already cleaned the kitchen yesterday. I had just finished my 20 minute weekly on wiping doors after my golden oldie midday sleep and he suddenly announced he would quickly do the kitchen. It is usually reserved for Tuesday after lunch by me, but what’s in a day. Anyhow he was finished in half an hour and did a perfect job, so what could possibly be better: more time for my other rituals on Tuesday afternoon.

He also discovered yesterday afternoon that we had both forgotten to buy bread on Monday morning in the supermarket. Our cloud on the iPhone list did not mention bread, and neither did our brains, but no problem. We also have a reserve of one frozen loaf in the freezer so our evening tea was saved. However, today Mr. Swiss will brave the supermarket to buy a bread for today. He does not mind, he always goes somewhere on Tuesday morning because I am busy cleaning the bathroom – seems to me more an escape than a joyful excursion to the unkown.

Back to the lateness of my day. Yes I was all set to go. Awoke more or less normally, my telephone was already full power as I had plugged that in some time in the early morning hours when I returned from my first morning walk to a special place. As this job was done I decided to do the same for my iPad in my first waking hours. This was the catastrophe. Somehow the iPad slipped out of my hands and disappeared. I had to move out of the bed to find it. It had disappeared and was not on the floor next to the bed. My worst problems came true when I found it had slipped in the hollw room benath the bed. I had to leave the bed and lift the back part and force my hand into the narrow space. On the third attempt, dropping it twice, I manage to recover the iPad and so could go back to bed. My morning alarm then began to sound, so I had to do a quick visit to all my usual cyber places.

I often think that life was easier before the march of the tablets and iPhones. We would rise, go to the breakfast table and afterwards do the usual things. I did not have to be careful about spreading jam and having sticky fingers on the computer keyboard.

I should really take a holiday from all this pressure and computer stress. Even so-called presidents need a holiday after a couple of weeks on the job and get no peace on holiday either. They have demonstrators marching in front of their holiday house making noise. As my mum always said when there was a disturbance of some sort “No peace for the wicked”. She was not a philosopher, but she did have some good words ready for all occasions.

And now I will move on. Mr. Swiss is already occupied with the vacuum cleaner, so I should follow his example

Have fun and be kind to your computers and pads etc. Do not worry if you might drop the iPad, I discovered this morning they are very resistant to tremors and shocks.

Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 30.01 (7)The  tower of the local reform church of Solothurn.

9 thoughts on “Good Morning, nuqneH

  1. I keep trying to take a blogging vacation, but I am in thrall to my blog. It’s a relationship, not just something I do. All my friends live in the computer. I feel like a piece of me is missing when the computer isn’t nearby. Life in the slow land 🙂

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    • Same here. Every day I think today no daily prompt, but I cannot resist. It seems I always have something to say, and it is like a drug. I would be missing something in my life probably. Funn thing is when I have to leave it, like my various trips to London, I can do it with no problem. Probably because my thoughts were otherwise occupied. Now London is finished and the remaining adventures in my life are homebound.


  2. Well I am wondering where you walk to in the early hours You say it’s a special place so I’m wondering where that could be. Does Mr Swiss go with you? And how long does it take to get there ? I hope you always remember to carry your mobile phone with you when you go in case you slip on the ice or snow or have some emergency. I wouldn’t want to go out anywhere in the early hours. It’s too cold out there. This morning I had my most amazing breakfast ever. It was cooked quinoa with curried spinach and as disgusting as it sounds, was actually quite delicious.So what is your programme for today, Pat ?

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    • I do not really walk to anywhere, I go to the toilet which neighbours on the bedroom, so not so far and no dangers. I use the mobile phone as a source of light to find the door. Amazing breakfast would not contain spinach for me. I like it, but later in the day and it does not like me very much which is a problem.

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  3. Interesting language, Klingon. There is another (trekkie) language My husband is fond of. Similar to the old pig latin (but done with sentences rather thsn individual words (or maybe it’s something from star wars, I’m thinking of). Which ever it is – goodday (or rather evening (?) to you, Mr. AngloSwiss, and to Tabby. Wonder what adventures she’s into.

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    • We speak Swiss German at home, which is a Swiss dialect and not really spoken anywhere else but Switzerland and that is complicated enough. I cannot speak klingon, but once found a web site on Internet. I have a strange fascination for unknown languages.

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