We have a Swiss pop group known as Krokus. They are almost local, one of the musicians comes from our town. My No 1 son knows him, as now and again he distributes their posters in the town for display.

Their main music is probably known as a sort of hard rock, but I am no expert on music styles, but it is my sort of thing. I like a sort of rocking music. They have a good singer, with a strong voice and now and again I see the drummer in the local supermarket. Of course I know him. When your husband is a musician (modern bebop jazz) then you get to know most musicians. Anyhow Krokus have now brought out a new CD or whatever it is called today and I now introduce one of the tracks.

It is not an original Krokus song, but a cover version of “Rockin in the Free World” originally recorded by Pearl Jam I believe.

I like Krokus, I like their style and I particularly like this new video with a London theme and very much in line with today’s problems. I hope you do not mind me showing it here, but it is not very often that I plaster my blogs with music, so enjoy and pay attention to the video theme.

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  1. I’m not a rock fan, but I enjoyed the London background, and the idea of the talented skateboarder putting the world back in orbit. Is No.1 son a musician too? And why do rock bands, and other bands, too, always have grim and gloomy faces in their publicity photos? Only folkies or women seem to smile. Strange.

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    • No. 1 is autist, but he loves modern music and knows most of the local groups and often helps out when they have a concert with building the stuff up and taking it down afterwards. They all know him and a fine colleagues for him. He does play the piano and can read music. That is being serious with the grim faces I think. They are concentrating on the beat. 🙂


  2. This is a Neil Young song and Pearl Jam have also played it live with Neil Young. I love the Krokus version, they rock! The video of London is also super to watch, it included a glimpse of the pub where I met my husband 28 years ago. Thank you for sharing this Pat and keep on rockin’ 😎

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    • Krokus have been existence for many years and one of the, if not the most successful bands in Switzerland. I also love the video because of the scenes from a London I grew up in. Love the underground station views. I believe it is originally a Neil Young song.

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