Daily Prompt: Just get a new one


On the right my new kalanchoe plant and on the left the old one. The old one stopped flowering after more than a month. It had wonderful little yellow flowers and I was tending to it daily and then the flowers were no longer yellow, more a brownish shade of yellow. Some fell and others just dwindled. I had hope but realised it was a lost cause: so what do you do? You replace it of course. Today if something no longer works properly or does not look good, you do not repair it, you throw it into the garbage. I decided that my kalanchoe was a living thing, and did not deserve this treatment. The leaves were still green although a few also decided to give up. I gave my dying kalanchoe a makeover, searched for a few rescue tips in Internet and now it is sitting on my table in the living room. I am sure it will return, at least I will try.

However, I bought a new one in the local store. They are not expensive and I found the little red flowers something completely different and attractive. History repeats itself. I did the same with my orchids for a couple of years, until I discovered I had recuperating orchids everywhere. On the table in the living room, on the floor, and one or two in the kitchen. My orchids were developing triffid symptoms and were taking over. One day I no longer replaced or kept them, but had to put them to pasture in the garbage can. I had 16 redundant orchids. I still have six from the last batch, but they still look ok, although you can ask “Where have all the flowers gone” because there are no more.

Today we live in a world of replacements. Television kaput, buy a new one. Washing machine giving up, replace it. The husband not as young as he used to be – no, do not replace it. It takes too many years of developing the model you have, and in any case you are also no longer the youngest and you might be replaced as well. Husbands, aaat least mine, are something worth keeping. It might not be working as well as it did, but growing and needing repair work together has its advantages. You have a topic of conversation – aches and pains always give food for thought. “How’s your back today?” “Don’t ask – and your legs?” “Forget it” – what enjoyable conversations. They are things that cannot be replaced, but why begin again from the beginning when life can be such fun wihout getting used to newer versions.

Otherwise it seems everything can be replaced today, even presidents. Yes that day will also arrive.

Daily Prompt: Just get a new one

11 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Just get a new one

  1. I relate to your words here. I love African violets, mainly because they are one of the few house plants with which I have had success!. Several of mine looked poorly, and I kept trying to keep them going. I went to a meeting of the African violet society (I bet those gals have tons of plants) and they said “just throw it out.” I was thrilled to get an expert opinion. I do have a plant hospital where they are out of the way, but getting sun and water. After 6 months, if they cannot make it, let them go. Violets on hospice care. ( I have never been able to keep those Kalanchoes going–have had several in my lifetime)

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    • It is my first time to keep a kalnchoes so I am hoping for the best. I had quite a lot of success with African violets. I discovered that even just a single leaf will make roots if put in a pot. I even manage to rear them on a hydroculture, or whatever it is called in english. Just the little clay balls with a water fertiliser solution. I once had a whole bowl of african violets that blossomed regulary. I think you just have to keep the out of direct sunlight.

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      • Yes, I have one great south facing window that has curtains. The violets do best there, and now they have their own little table. On the other topic of the throwaway society: well, it costs less to replace an appliance than to repair it. That is the problem. (unless you know how to repair appliances yourself)

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        • That is so true about replacing appliances. It is going so far that if the computer printer needs an ink refill, it costs almost less to buy a new printer than buy ink. 🙂


  2. This was a wonderful way to start the day, Mrs AS. Thank you for your humourous take on life. I am waiting for a chat with the Tax people as they put in a new security access system so I am now unable to get into my account. Not funny as the deadline is tomorrow. So wish me luck. I could do without paying penalties on top! Bureaucracy – wish I could throw that out!

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    • I wish I could actually hold a conversation with the tax people. I am trying, but mr. Swiss deals with filling out the forms and everything. I have really tried. First of all it is all in german, french or italian and and not english and it can get very complicated, even though we do it all online. Our tax papers arrived last week and so now is the time. All sorts of documnts from various sources have been arriving to be handed in – I should really get to grips with this stuff. Mr. Swiss is quite good at it, but I do not have a clue.


      • I listened for 1 1/2 hours but they didn’t give me the answer I need, totally bypassing the barrier I keep coming up against, so I can’t get into the form. Never had this problem before and I probably don’t need to pay anything this year, but I shall get a hundred pound fine because I can’t get into the form due tomorrow! Can’t win.


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