Colour Your World: Gold


I just had to grab what I had at home, the real expensive stuff is all in the bank vault of course. Cannot have gold bars laying around, you cannot trust anyone these days. Actually the watch (an IWC)  is a solid gold piece, but unfortunately now too small to wrap around my wrist. I had already extended it a few years ago to the largest size, but not only does the body expand with age, the wrist seems to as well. The remainder, just collected over the years. I used to wear those dangly earrings when I was young and lovely, it is the colour of gold, but that is all.

Colour Your World: Gold

2 thoughts on “Colour Your World: Gold

  1. Oh, yes, I remember those dangly earrings. Gold used to be so reasonably priced that a young woman could have real gold earrings. Now it is off the charts. I like to make jewelry and to buy a gold ear stud would cost about $100 (just one)

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    • I loved those dangly earrings, was always wearing them in the days gone bye – was that so long ago. I now only wear discrete studs, mostly a gift from Mr. Swiss. Earrings were always a big part, and almost the only part, of my jewellery. I have kept them all. Who knows, I might even try them again.


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