Daily Prompt: The Automatism of the golden oldie

Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 27.01 (11)

That is the problem with growing older. Actions that used to be automatic you now have to think about before actually doing them. Life was an automatic string of events, you rose in the morning ready for the new day. That is where it all began. Your thoughts now resemble the photo,  everything used to be so straight forwards. You got out of bed, stood on your two feet and began to move. Even rising from the bed becomes a problem. How shall I do it today (not every day is the same, otherwise it would really be boring).

First of all think about it, and move. Everyone has their own way of doing it. If you are still young and fit, you stand up. If you are a golden oldie, you push and strain and with luck you will be sitting on the edge of the bed. Wow, you are actually sitting, anyone can sit. Now the next part could be precarious, the first steps of the day. Put on your house shoes, that is always a good thing to do, it helps the stability. The next part comes automatically naturally, although you have to persuade your legs to move where you want to go. And so life goes on.

Using the vacuum cleaner is easier, because it does it all automtically. You just have to push it in the right direction, but be careful you do not trip over the cable. Cables often have a life of their own. Cooking: no problem, you cook the same stuff constantly. Perhaps you might add too much salt today, or not enough. That adds to the spice of life. It would be monotonous otherwise.

Another sleep after lunch and it all begins again. You wake and want to move, but it takes a few minutes until the body joins in with the brain.

Everyone has their programme, and so I switch on the computer for my daily prompt, which reacts automatically to my commends, at least it should. But there we have the human factor again messing it all up. Someone somewhere decides to change the programme, an improvement of course and nothing works automatially again. Your golden oldie brain no longer understands the world. Why are they doing this to me, it was so much better before because every came automatically. Now I have to seasrch. Profanities are uttered and suddenly eureka, you have found the missing link, the lost chord has returned. Even the arrangement on your terminal is different. Everthing  is in a smaller version and you are being asked questions that never used to be asked.You complain and join in with the general discussions of unsatisaction. A day later you wonder why you bothered, you have already forgotten how it used to be, the brain has been reprogrammed. Even golden oldies get to grips with it eventually. It all arrives automatically.

Once there were prompts easy to understand
Once there were words where the ideas would land
Once there were thoughts to write on your blog
Now they have become a pea souper of a fog
Once they were part of an everlasting task
We were the bloggers who strolled through the prompts

To the tune of Greenfields, we all know it.

Greenfields by the Brothers Four

 Daily Prompt: The Automatism of the golden oldie

8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: The Automatism of the golden oldie

  1. I wanted to begin this morning by mentioning that you came up in Greek this morning on BlogLovin, which was interesting. It made for a very interesting headline and I didn’t know you were fluent in Greek, but I was sincerely impressed 🙂

    I think of the first moments of the day when I think about my feet, my back, sitting, standing … and what I have to do after that … as “organizing.” I used to just be able to glance at my calendar, electronic or paper and voila! it was all there. Now, There’s always “CAN I do it” adding a bit of frisson to the mix.

    By the time I get from the bedroom to the main living area, it sound like the hooves of a thousand ponies are galloping around the room. How can that be? How can two small dog sound like a heard of ponies or goats? Well, they must be dogs because the sight of me emerging from the forbidden end of the house causes yips and barks of joy to erupt. I must feed the beasts. Start the coffee. Put away whatever dishes are hanging around in the little rack by the sink. Put the cushions back on the sofa so Bonnie can knock them off again. Arrange the stuffies so that Gibbs can take them out, one at a time, and spread them over the floor.

    The telephone repair guy is supposed to be coming this morning. Otherwise, i’d still be in bed. It’s going to be a very LONG day … and that is why I am making breakfast for dinner tonight. Nothing like bacon and eggs and fried potatoes to finish off a perfect Saturday.

    And my doctor’s P.A. doesn’t think I have more cancer, or at least not that she can find. Another reason to rejoice!

    Nothing is really automatic anymore. Except cooking. That’s pretty close.

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    • It is actually cyrillic, russian for good morning, not greek, although I could probably do that one as well.I am not fluent in Russian, but can write and read it after 12 years of learning the language.
      I am sure the beginnings of our days are very similar. Body check to see if still alive and then small steps. Oh the delights of getting old, things you never ever imagine in the golden active years.
      Advantage of having a feline, they sleep most of the time and the first movement of the day is outside to the great outdoors. Tabby returns and decides to sleep again in her own little corner.
      I have just finished a pizza creation, but still have ten minutes before it goes into the oven.
      Glad your examination result was ok.But really without a washing machine, washing up machine and all the other various gadgets, I do not know how I would cope. I also have an automatic Mr. Swiss which is quite a good asset to have around the house.


      • Ah yes! My daughter bought a new stove and I tried to figure out how to turn on her oven. I wanted to put clothes in her washer and couldn’t figure that out either. Her latest is a kitchen sink faucet with no taps. And with my old brain, every time I go to her sink I have to learn all over again. 😦

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        • I have never seen a kitchen sink without taps. Now and again they have the automatic taps in public toilets in the supermarkets. My dad always had his old gas stove at home and moved into an extra care home. He always said he definitely does not want a micro wave, although we all thought that would be best. In the new home he had to have one, no problem. He soon got used to it.


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