Colour Your World: Almond

Almond croissant

I do have a sweet tooth, so try everything that is new and interesting. Our supermarket began to bake their own sweet stuff on the premises, you can see it being done, a sort of open kitchen. One of their specialities is a croissant sort of thing. I tried one, it was OK, but not something I need every day. Mr. Swiss often buys himself one during the week. It is wonderfully sticky on the outside where the almonds and the sugar get welded together in the oven, and now we have the colour of almonds and the pastry.

Colour Your World: Almond

9 thoughts on “Colour Your World: Almond

  1. Hi Pat. I haven’t had a notification from you for ages. I don’t understand why. Are you buried in snow up there? We’ve had a cold but sunny winter here but now the days have turned cloudy and rainy.

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    • I wrote on your last posting in WordPress, but it seemed to have disappeared, although I think you have now found it. We had snow, but was quickly cleared from the roads and streets. The rest remains because of minus temperatures, but that will probably be gone by the end of the week as it will be getting warmer.

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