Good Morning, Buongiorno

Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 25.01 (2)

The snow remains, but it does not change so much. The frosty designs on the trees are now gone, which is a shame as they looked so pretty. The photo was taken as we were leaving our estate this week. Yesterday I did not go anywhere or do anything particular.

I was quite happy when composing my shopping list for the week-end as I actually had ideas what to cook. I noticed this week a few special offers in the supermarket and will be taking advantage. So yesterday evening I sat down with my app on the telephone and wrote it all down. As I am connected by cloud to Mr.Swiss he also knows my intentions. He also adds to the list now and again, but that is quite a good system. What I forget he remembers, and vice versa. If we both forget, then that is the human touch.

I also finished my book yesterday evening, an english police criminal story, the first in a series “Dead Wrong” and I think I might have been dead wrong to read it. It was OK. I like reality but this was a little too much reality. It begins with finding a plastic bag with sawn off fingers – OK, an isolated case, Then it continues with a head in a plastic bag and a few other body parts being discovered. The eventual solution to the drama is a surprise to see who dunnit, but not the best criminal story I have read lately. Coupled with the fact that the book was “only” 200 pages on my Kindle, it was too short for me. I like them long and full of twists and turns. This was more like a butchers department in a supermarket, short and cut up with some blood splashes in between. Now have to decide on my next book. I read that one of the top best sellers on the New York Times list at the moment is 1984 from George Orwell. Is that surprising when regarding the state of things at the moment but I read that already twice. Each time I read it I realise how much more fiction becomes fact.

I think for the first time ever  for me I unfriended someone yesterdy in Facebook. No big deal, but suddenly people are getting strange ideas and interpreting things in their own way. I cannot be bothered and why should I?There are enough problems in the world, without having to put up with ignorance.

The gardener called yesterday and finds it would be a good idea to cut a few bushes in my garden. Actually there is not a lot to do, but he will be coming this afternoon. He wanted to come after lunch, but I postponed the visit for 1-2 hours and after lunch we have our resting time. I hope the birds are agreeing to his plans as the gardener wants to reduce the branches on the apple tree, and that is one of their favourite places for the birds to sit and watch.

I am now off to prepare for my shopping trip and organise the appartment before leaving. See you later on the flip side.

13 thoughts on “Good Morning, Buongiorno

  1. I stopped reading … or watching anything violent a while back. I realised such tales or movies always put me on edge.
    Humour mostly or Science Fiction or the occasional biography; something along those lines gets the nod on my bookshelf these days.

    However, if you like a good spy thriller/war story you could try Eye of the Needle , by Ken Follett (if you haven’t already, of course)
    Follett’s best work, I reckon, and a book that has a permanent place on my reading list.

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    • I have read almost all Follet books, and read The Eye of the Needle (his first I believe) and also saw the film. I would highly recomment the Century Trilogy (Fall of Giants, Winter of the World and Edge of Eternity) following the development of various families through history from World War 1 and 2 up to the Fall of the Berlin Wall.

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        • You just gave me an idea as I really did not know what to read now, so I had a look at some Follett books. Have now uploaded “Paper Money” on my Kindle so hope it is one of his better books.

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  2. I unfollowed or unfriended quite a few people in recent months. Yes, everyone is entitled to his/her opinion, but not on MY timeline. I don’t need that crap in my face. I’m having a hard enough time just keeping from freaking out. I don’t need these weirdos who think eliminating the environmental protection agency is a GOOD idea because climate change isn’t real. Oy.

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    • I rarely unfriend people as I cannot be bothered. Suddenly people I thought were OK, I mean eveyone is entitled to their own opinions, begin to insist that everyone else is wrong, then they annoy me and bore me. How can they be so mislead. I now realise there is more stupidity in the world than I thought.

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  3. Being over 70, I did not grow up with violent images, and I have a very hard time seeing them in movies or books. I can take some, depending on how they are presented. But a few have stuck in my mind, and I realized when that happened that I have to protect myself. I have been watching 30’s and 40’s and 50’s film noir. They are mysteries with some violence but it is not shown in a graphic way.

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    • Growing up in the East End of London, we had our own gangsters and crooks, but they were easy to avoid. I don’t mind a violent film, but today there is more real life violence in the news. Eventually I got used to it to a certain extent. Books also have their violence, but this particular book was not just violence, it painted gory pictures one after the other and eventually I decided it was not a good book,, no excitement, just monotony.


  4. I also read about ‘1984’ being back in the American best selling book charts after Kellyanne Conway brought up alternative facts and the press identified the term as Orwellian. To my amazement the Guardian (possibly the US edition, I didn’t check) published an article about the novel, explaining what it is all about, which might have boosted the sales. It surprised me no end this explanation was called for. I can’t imagine Europeans (especially Brits) could ever forget Orwell. Or Big Brother is watching you! Nor Richard Burton’s last film ‘Brazil’ based on the story.

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    • I read 1984 when I was still a teenager, it was then televised on the BBC. I did a reread about 2-3 years ago as reading it when you are 16 and reading it as a golden oldie gives you a different point of view on the whole thing, especially as the year 1984 is now long gone.

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  5. Congratulations on completing the book! No matter how long or if you do t like It… turned story into form and that is creating! You created something that Did not exist before. That is powerful!

    Sent from my IPad.


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    • Thanks. I always finish books I read even if it is not my sort of thing. The only one I did not finish was Ulysses by James Joyce, but I did read half of it. One day I will conquer that one as well I am sure.


  6. I like a bit more magical flair. I have was reading the Harry Dresden series by Jim Butcher. I also have been rereading some of the sci-fi and sci-fan from my teen years. I get frustrated when reading a series and I have to wait for the author to finish the next one. I am currently reading the series that the movie “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” is based on. I found the first book riveting, the second book ok, but the middle dragged a bit. The end is picking up some. Hugs


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