Daily Prompt: Ban the Filters

Sun and moon

So let’s see what we can filter today: I filtered the sun by taking an instant photo with my mobile telephone camera, and got the moon as well. At least I think it is the moon. Strange things happen in the sky now and again. The sun is shining again, after missing for a few days. I love experiments, so I held the camera facing the sun and presssed the button. I had no idea what I was taking a photo of because I was blinded by the sun and this is the result. The sun is on the left at the corner of the building opposite and then I saw a white dot on the top righthand side.

No landings of extra terrestrials were reported in the media so we can eliminate that one. Switzerland is at peace with the world more or less as most people never find us, mistake us for Germany or France, and sometimes even Italy. It is nice that way. You remain inconspicuous. No-one wants to wall you in or even close you down, because they do not really realise we are there. Unless you have a bank account and want to avoid paying taxes. Then we can have our advantages, but I am not really sure how it works, so I cannot give any details. Ask your government, they might know.

Anyhow this dot on the horizon must be the moon, although that is usually reserved for night. Moons do not appear during the day, unless you live on another planet, like Mars, they have two moons which probably take it in turns to appear. Today I captured our moon at 3.00 p.m. It must be the moon, unless one of the neighbours kids let a balloon loose in the sky. Scientifically speaking it probably caught the reflection when I took the photo.

What else do I filter? We filter water, because if you do not you have these ugly calcium marks left behind when you boil water or leave water in a dish.

If I made coffee from coffee beans myself, I would have a filter for the process, but I do not drink coffee. It does not like me. I drink tea which arrives in a bag and all it needs is hot water, no filtering. As writing long detailed works about filters is not easy I had a look in Internet. There are thousands of different sorts of filters. We are swamped in filters, they are everywhere. If we are not careful they will take over and the human race will eventually be filtered away, we will be diluted, transformed into particles floating in the air.

I have just realised that this is a very important subject to tackle. Be warned, the filters are coming, they know no mercy. We should organise universal marches against the filter movement. Down with filters.

I think this filter problem is running away with me. The things I write for a daily prompt.

Water filter

I found a filter. I tell you they are everywhere. This one was hiding in the cupboard with the boiler. Never trust a filter.

Daily Prompt: Ban the Filters

7 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Ban the Filters

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    • Our drinking water is OK, but it has too much lime and boiling water makes deposits on the water heater. That is why we always use filters to filter the water we use.


  2. The spot in the sky could also be a artificial satellite or the ISS. We have so much stuff up there now a lot of it can be seen with the naked eye or a decent camera. Hugs

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      • True, and different things are visible in different skies. I live in Florida and depending on the time of year we can see planets, the space station and some satellites. Sadly I am not well traveled enough to know what other things can be seen in other areas. Also night to day makes a big difference as you say. Hugs

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        • I don’t think we get such exciting stuff in little Switzerland. We did have a comet a few years ago, but our country is so small, the stuff transits through and as soon as it arrives it is gone again. I once heard that if you go down a deep well during the day and look up, you can see the stars in the sky.

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