Colour Your World: Neon Carrot

Neon Carrot

Mr. Swiss and Mrs. Anglosiwss  are conversing.

“What are you doing with that carro? Are you cooking it with tonights meal?”

“No, it certainly wouldn’t go well with creamed mushrooms on toast.”

“Then what do you need it for?”

“A challenge. For a photo. Do we have a lamp or torch anywhere?”

“There are plenty of lamps here.”

“Yes but I need one where I can target the light on the carrot. It is for a photo.”

“Ah, I see, another one of your projects.”

“Sort of, so do we have a torch.”

“Yes there is one in the dish in the hall.”

“How does it work.”

“You have to press the end.”

“Ah I see.”

“If you press it twice you get a stronger light.”

I pressed it twice and the result is above, my neon carrot. If you realised the obstacles I have to conquer for colouring my world. Thank goodness I have an understanding husband, as soon as I say challenge and photo, he is in the picture. Poor man what he has to put up with having a blogger as wife.

Colour Your World: Neon Carrot

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