Daily Prompt: Ten of what??????


10 little bloggers trying to write the most
One caught a virus in the middle of a post

9 little bloggers do not know what to write
One got fed up and turned off the light

8 little bloggers hammering at the keys
One caught a cold and then began to sneeze

7 little bloggers have no words to say
One fell asleep  so he was out of the way

6 little bloggers and one began to sigh
He ran out of ideas and did not want to lie

5 little bloggers, half of them were left
one copied what his friend wrote and was then accused of theft

4 little bloggers were looking for a theme
One fell asleep and then began to dream

3 little bloggers and one began to cry
He did not know what to write, he found no reason why

2 little bloggers one felt very ill
and he was in despair and so he took a pill

1 surviving blogger was now all alone
He decided this was boring, and decided to go home

Daily Prompt: Ten of what??????

37 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Ten of what??????

    • Speak for yourself, first of all I have to write my book. And playing in meadows is not for golden oldies, or do they have meadows with wheelchairs. 🙂


        • this is a real photo of real eggs, I no longer photo shop so much, I have another programme. Living in mainland Europe I live in the decimal system and everything is done in tens. It is only GB that still sell eggs by the dozen and half dozen, and the beer is still sold in pints.


          • Thanks Mrs AS you’ve given me an idea for a post. We’ve been decimalised (the spell check doesn’t like that word with ‘s’ or ‘z’) for a long time now. but eggs are still in dozens. beer on the other hand is sold over the bar in a variety of confusing shapes and sizes depending on the state…pints, middies, ponies, pots. I just say “get me a small one.”Have a great day, sorry evening!


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