Colour Your World: Macaroni and Cheese


If you have pasta in the kitchen and cheese in the fridge, then what could be better. Seems to be an interenational thing, although I do not remember once having eaten Mac and Cheese in England, but mum and dad were more into fish and chips. I don’t mind Mac and cheese, but not too much.

Colour Your World: Macaroni and Cheese

17 thoughts on “Colour Your World: Macaroni and Cheese

  1. International? Pasta, yes. Cheese, yes. But not necessarily together as I pointed out in my colour post, linking to Wikipedia calling it typically English and American.

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  2. I do not care for Mac & Cheese at all. However my husband and my son do love it. So I force myself to make it and then make sure I have something else to eat. Hugs

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  3. Mac and cheese alerted me to the possibility I might be part Swiss! Aplermagaroni — just the way my grandma made it. I was shocked. I don’t make very good mac and cheese. I don’t know why. I have no idea how anyone could mess that up…


  4. Mac and cheese is not well known, or popularly eaten in the UK. Too many carbs and fat! It sounds like a very basic dish, too veggie for me. I would prefer some plain spaghetti cooked with herbs and garlic, with a tomato sauce, with a sprinkling of cheese. If I had to go veggie.

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    • Tomorrow is spaghetti day – al sugo with mince and tomato. Last week had it with prawns. I do not care about carbs or fat, I am a butter cook and that just about cancels out being careful what I eat. I am supposed to be diabetic, but what I don’t measure I don’t know. My long term examinations are ok.

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