Daily Prompt: The Art of devastation

Shadows 23.01 (5)

And another happy go lucky theme to write about. If I was a philosopher I would write about the clouds I see approaching on the horizon of threats to security, but why bother. I sit in a cosy little country. We have direct democracy. If you feel that something is going wrong, just collect a few signatures and all various stages of the process being completed. everyone has their say. There will be a vote . Now isn’t that nice. The machinery begins to turn, you are inundated with vast volumes of literature, bombarded by various political parties to convince that it is a good thing, or a bad thing, and one day the country decides. No devastation, just wondering what to do. If no-one had had the idea to change things, we would all carry on as usual.

I have my own personal little devastations. I do not really bother to watch the TV news now, it is so depressing, and I get all I need to know on my telephone. A new star is born on the tennis court, a new law has been accepted in our country. and someone wants to call me on the phone, but leaves a message because they call when I have my midday golden oldie sleep.

My neurologist wants to see me again so his assistant calls and I call back. I get an appointment for the middle of Friday morning when I do the week-end shopping. I say I prefer the afternoon, but the doc is not there in the afternoon. She has an alternative appointment at 1.00 p.m. when I am finishing my lunch, but not wanting to devastate her appointment calendar I eventually agree on 8.30 on a Tuesday morning. Even this is not my favourite time. It means rise and shine at the crack of dawn, eat breakfast, shower and on my way into town. and what about my “Good Morning” blog. This becomes an immpossibility. I could write it the evening before and programme it for the morning, but how do I know what will be happening the next morning to write about. I also have a bathroom I prefer to clean thoroughly on Tusday morning. My Tuesday is devastated before it begins.

I really have better things to do so early in the morning, but probably so does my doctor. And after all I am a golden oldie, and have nothing important to do with my day. I also realise I love my routine and dislike disturbances to the routine.

Last week my routine was destroyed by a cough and cold. I remember a week ago I spent most of the day in bed hoping it would go away. It did not go away, but I managed to drag myself through the daily chores and today I feel the cold is waving goodbye, slowly but surely. I like things to run smoothly,  because there comes a time in life when you need them to run smoothly. You no longer want appointments, things to do, but only things you want to do.

Even my amaryllis had decided to die as if in sympathy. But wait, what do I see at the base. A few new leaves and a second bud, all is not lost. When we think that there is no more hope, even an amaryllis sympathises. Actually this is the truth. I wanted to take a photo of my dying amaryllis as a symbolic image of devastation. As I carried it to the kitchen table for a full length photo, I saw that a new life was growing at the base. It is not all lost, where there is an amaryllis bud there is hope.

Daily Prompt: The Art of devastation

9 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: The Art of devastation

  1. My little indoor garden is mostly blooming right now and it makes me very happy even if I think they are all a little insane. Even my begonia that I started from a cutting two years ago is now about to send forth her first flowers. Thank goodness for the madness of house plants.

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    • My neurologist is the one that keeps an eye on my MS development. My normal doc who does the routine examinations always sends him a copy of her results and he joins in if necessary. I have to have regular controls because of the expensive med I inject in any case and now his lady mentioned something about my driving test, although I already have it behind me when I see him. No two cases of MS are the same, and a lady I know for many years has MS since at least 40 years and does not inject and is still driving her car.


  2. I’m glad to hear you were feeling better when you posted this and hope you have continued to get better and better. (Plus et plus mieux, as you’re not supposed to say in French.)
    Oh, these -ologists! I’ve good news–my oncologist doesn’t want to see me until the end of April and there are no other -ologists in my life right now. A urologist might tell me I have a bladder infection, but I will drink gallons of water today and hope for the best. 🙂
    Your amaryllis blooms are doing a great job of representing devastation. My efforts at using the Reader to play catch-up this morning are rather dismal, too, as Word Press keeps showing me at the bottom of my screen other interesting blogs pertaining to this subject that I might want to look at, too.

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    • I no longer need an urologist thank goodness. I did with him many years ago and what did he find out – nothing. My big op cured it all – just a small change in the anatomy probably. Drinking water is always good, but cranberries are really beneficial.
      I really thought my amaryllis had reached the end of the road, when I saw the second bud appearing. I then remembered that amaryllis always make two flowers, at least they should.
      I use the reader a lot to see what is happening, as I do not always get notifications that I want. I get two suggestions in the reader a day, but I can easily ignore them. I wonder if mine are suggested? That is something we will never know probably.


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