Good Morning/Guten Morgen

Frost in Feldbrunnen 22.01 (1)

We are living in frosty times at the moment, speaking locally of course. Yesterday I took a glance out of the window and saw that the forest at the end of my settlement had put on its deep winter coat. Either you think, “blimey it’s cold out there” or you think, that would make a great photo – perhaps something for a Pulitzer prize. I dived into my cameras, decided on a neat 200 lens as the 300 would not have captured such details, and this is the result. I also took a few photos with my mobile phone camera. I just took another look out of the window and the frost is still there. Mr. Swiss said this morning we have -7°C and it will probably not go over freezing point, 0°C, today. It does not really bother me. I do not feel cold indoors and not even when I go anywhere.

I finished my book, The Essex Sepent, yesterday evening. It was something completely different. An online colleague wrote a very good critic of the book on her site, which I chanced upon. However it was written in German, which is not a problem for me. I was drawn to the book because of the title. Essex is a county/state bordering on the East of London and I have many attachments to Essex. My parents move out to Essex when their house was demolished in Bethnal Green in the slum clearance programme and many of my uncles and aunts were already living there.

However the part of Essex where they lived became part of Greater London, and the Essex referred to in the book was more into the coastal regions. I was thinking on terms of science fiction with this book, but it was more into human directions. It took place in Victorian times, no problem, I love Victorian times. It was more a story  revolving around families, social situations of the time, a village and various aspects of Victorian life. Even Bethnal Green was involved, the part of London where I grew up, as one of the characters lived there and his social background became part of the events. Generally for me it was something completely different. I found it a good book, but not more, perhaps not my sort of thing.

I have now discovered a police series by Helen Durrant, involving two police officers, man and woman. All her books in this series begin with the word “Dead”, I have the first book in the series “Dead Wrong” so it sounds nicely morbid and promising.

I still have a remainder of the dreaded, a head cold which tends to travel to the throat now and again causing an annoying cough in the middle of the night. I could say it has improved, if it were not for the annoying cough. Today they are letting me out again, so I will probably wear my woolly hat. I do not like wearing hats, it is not me, and it irritates my head when wearing it. On the other hand Mr.Swiss finds at my age, it is no longer so important. I am still working out what he actually meant. Anyhow he accompanied me on my hat wearing excursion so it cannot be so bad. He always wears his english “Andy Capp” when we go out in Winter, the head gear of every working class englishman, although he is probably one of the only Swiss wearing one. He was talking about getting a cap with ear flaps. Yes, we are all getting older.

And now to move on, there are places to go and things to do. “Yes vacuuum cleaner I am coming, just be patient.”. These household gadgets seem to develop a life of their own.

Keep safe everyone, see you around.

12 thoughts on “Good Morning/Guten Morgen

  1. Great stories for a Monday morning. At first I thought that you had finished writing your book, about Essex! I thought, goodness, she kept that quiet, and wrote that quickly! Then I realised you were talking about reading a book! I like books about. Victorian England too. I also like crime books. There is a series of books about detective Roy Grace and his sidekick, by the author Peter James, and all the titles also have Dead in them, like Not Dead Yet, Not Dead Enough, Dead Mans Grip, they are excellent, set around the Brighton area of England.

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    • Although writing a book is tempting, It would take up too much time of the little time I have. I could write a book about Essex, about Bethal Green, about Solothurn and about Feldbrunnen. Victorian times were always fascinating – I remember visits to Osbourne House on the Isle of Wight on my holidays with mum and dad, that was really intersting. I would love to see it all again – Queen Victoria’s summer residence.
      I will take a look at the books you suggested. I know Brighton quite well, or knew it quite well and it would be an intersting revival of olden days.

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        • I loved the Isle of Wight. We spent our holidays in a camp in Totland Bay. It was a great place, lovely bungalows and we took walks everywhere, especially along tennyson Downs. I have so many good memories of IOW. I would move to IOW immediately if I had the chance. And a great place if you have a boat of course.

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    • Yes, you are right, I am now not talking to him. This morning we went for a drive and I was snapping photos of trees everywhere. It seems at the moment we have the right temperatures for such frosty paintings of nature.

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  2. I, too, thought you were writing a book about Essex, and I love all British writing, and so I was going to ask you where I could find your book. (because I really like your blog writing) By the way, because of your tribulations recently, I went out yesterday and got a flu shot!!! I don’t know if those things work, they never seem to, but I thought I better just in case. Many people I know have been very sick this season (and the had flu shots). OH well….

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    • My reading is everywhere. As I have quite a good command of the german language,I often read books in the original language by German authors.I also quite like Scadinavian authors and their books are generally available in the german translation before the english translation appears.
      I have never had a flu shot. Shots are something I avoid. I have to give myself a shot every second day of my own MS medicine and that is enough. I have to mix the drug myself in the syringe and inject, so I am not taking any more shots if I can avoid them. I can be glad that I only take tablets for my diabetes.


  3. Is it possible I picked up your cold via the Internet? I’ve hear of those computer viruses and I’m pretty sure my brain has been hacked by the Russians. No? Someone told me you can’t REALLY catch a computer virus, but I think they may be working for the KGB. Glad you are feeling better.

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    • It is international and to be taken seriously. I caught it from Mr. Swiss which qualifies it as being a “man” cold and they are very serious. However, it has now weakened a little and become a woman thing. In the meanwhile Martha caught it in Monte Vista and now yes, it has progressed to your part of the world.
      Computer virus can originate anywhere. They can even influence the results of elections. KBG is nothing compared to the Swiss Nachtrichtendienst they have a licence to hack computers
      Yesterday was the first night since two weeks that I could sleep without waking with a cough and sneeze.


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