Colour Your World: Tan

Roast porkbefore the oven 15.01 (2)

This was the pork before it was cooked in the oven. I was doing roast pork for dinner and had all the ingredients in the casserole ready for baking. I had already seared the pork to close the pores and now it was just a matter of slow cooking for 2-3 hours until lunch time. My pork already had a sun tan at the beginning of its journey, partially also from the mustard with which I coat it before searing it in the pan..

I also threw a few bones in for a good saucce and the rosemary twig and sage was from my garden, which I managed to uncover from the snow masses. This was two weeks ago for Sunday lunch. Before roasting I add some white wine. When finished I thicken the sauce and serve usually with noodles, or some sort of pasta, although fried potatoes are also OK.

Colour your world: Tan

10 thoughts on “Colour Your World: Tan

    • If covered with snow, the snow probably protects them and even conserves their aroma. Sage survives well in cold temperatures, and rosemary is lucky. I could cover it during Winter to help preserved it, but I just take a chance. If it goes kaput, a new plant does not cost so much. The one I have now has been in the garden for four years. Pork is cheaper than veal, or beef, but still expensive enough. It depends on the cut. I like neck – it is cheaper, and more tasty as it has more fat which makes it a good slow cooking thing.

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