Good Morning

Chicken 21.01 (1)

I thought yesterday’s lunch cooking in the pan would make a change from a daily bird photo, and then I remembered this is also a bird. The remains of a departed chicken cooking with various vegetables. The chicken had no choice in the matter, and as I have not yet discovered the positive side of becoming a vegetarian, or worse still a vegan, I stay with meat. My feline also stays with meat, as her body is not very good at digesting anything else, although she is rather partial to cream and yogurt.

Yesterday evening I was enjoying a piece of Mr. Swiss speciality, a lemon tart, with whipped cream on the top of course. I was beginning to savour every bite and there she was, Tabby my feline, watching every bite I took with pleading sorrowful eyes. I left my comfortable chair for the kitchen and took a small food bowl. I am a fool for pleading feline eyes  (did I see  a tear in the corner?) and so I squeezed some whipped cream into the bowl. I could now eat my lemon tart without having a guilty conscience, knowing that Tabby was now content to have her own portion of cream. Some are probably thinking that cow milk products are not good for felines. You are probably right, but at the time Tabby was not thinking in that direction. However, no problem that she would get a stomache upset. She looked at the cream with doubt in her eyes, took three, or was it four, licks and walked away. There you have gratitude, she had proved her point that she also deserves a share of everything.


In the meanwhile my friend has arrived again in front of the kitchen window door to see if there is anything peckable on the ground. I think it is a she as I do not see the yellow beak of the male blackbird. She is now a regular visitor.

I cannot leave this entry without mentioning what happened wordwide yesterday. I live in a small country and so our efforts are not as big or leaving marks on the world history, but even in Geneva 2,00o people, mainly women, assembled for a march. After everything that was happening worldwide with hundreds of thousands gathering to march for their rights I had to make a search to see what was Switzerland doing and discovered that I could have journeyed to Geneva and taken part. At my age I do no longer take part in such events, it would not benefit my health. I was proud to see that even Switzerland did their part, although I read that the main part of the masses were Americans living in Geneva, but this is not important. Being there is important. It was a day to remember, that something happened worldwide. It proves that there is still hope for mankind. Thank you for doing what you did. There were moments when I was quite moved.

Let us hope that what happened yesterday will not be an isolated event. Let us hope that it will happen regularly to remind those that are the reason for such an overwhelming demonstration to rethink and do the right thing, and not just judge it as a “few” hysterical women, or perhaps those that caused the demonstration just do not care, who knows?

I know I am not very good at standing on my soap box and presenting my case for mankind, but I cannot sit in the corner and just clap my hands – oh if only I was at least 30 years younger, I would probably/defininately have organised my train ticket to Geneva yesterday.

26 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Two thousand people protesting Trump in Geneva is a very big deal. It literally brings tears to my eyes and gives me a sense that there may be hope after all. Read, if you have time, Tom Curley’s post tomorrow morning. The pictures were taken by my cousin who was at the demonstration in Washington DC — half a million people! And he’s only been president for one day … so just maybe, it will makie a difference. Thank you.

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    • I just read Tom Curley’s excellent post and can only agree with all he said. I have an online friend on Facebook. I call her friend but we call each other cousins. We both have exactly the same name. I knew of her for many years. She is an author of children’s books, and was also in a genealogiy site dedicated to my unmarried name. I discovered she was on Facebook, I took my courage in my keyboard and wrote and within 5-10 minutes I received an answer, and since we are Facebook friends. She has become my American cousin, Now and again she travels, and said it is not out of the question that one day we may meet. So I read a couple of days ago that she would be flying to Washington. I believe she is in Ohio somewhere. And she arrived in Washington and was there yesterday with her friend, both wearing the pink hats with the ears that she made (she made 5 hats actually) and she was marching with the hundreds of thousands of others. I was so proud. Now and again she posted a few photos of the event. Oh how I wish I could have been there. I only hope that this movement continues, it must.

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      • The photos for the post came from MY cousin (actual cousin) who lives not too far away in Baltimore (about an hour’s drive from DC). She’s my age within 6 months, so it is encouraging that our generation is still ready to get out there and fight the good fight.

        I hope this defiance continues because if we all just lay down and give up, the whole world will suffer. I’m still having trouble believe this is real and not something I read in one of the alternate reality books I read. But I’m also proud of us for caring enough to try to at least raise our voices.


  2. The mass turn out was nice as it let us know we are not alone. The most important story today is whether the crowds at his inauguration were as large as Obama ‘s. His cronies are not listening as Trump signed an executive order eroding woman’s health issues yesterday. A makeover has been done on his wife, I doubt she will be accepted. one of the campion issues was Obama use of the executive orders but the first thing he did was to sign several.

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    • It was the solidarity that was so good. I have been reading about the crowd competition according to Trump. Seems to me if Fox news says it, it is ok, if CNN says it, it is fake news. The man is not exactly blessed with great intelligence. I mean he is now supposed to be running a country and not a business concern. I am not so good at the details of American politics, because not having to live with it, it can get quite confusing for me.

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      • Long ago, I gave up on Fox New, I couldn’t handle the negative reports that are given. CNN an Fox’s News are far apart. Fox is conservative and CNN is liberal. I watch CNN when I don’t watch my local station. THE SILENT MAJORITY spoke yesterday.


        • I don’t think the problem is that we are silent. We’re a pretty noisy bunch. The base problem is that all we really have in common in our dislike and non-support of you know who. Otherwise, we are not a united group. That makes sense — because we aren’t a political party or movement. We’re just NOT THEM. This is why they are much more powerful than their numbers would suggest. They have common cause. We are just people brought together by our “not them-ness.”

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    • We do not yet know what he signed (if anything) — or whether or not (IF he signed something) it has any force of law. Or who and what it might affect.

      Let’s research this stuff before we leap to conclusions. Failure to discover the facts got us into this mess. Let’s not keep doing the same thing. Maybe it is as bad as “they” say, but let’s make sure we know who “they” are — and that “they” are saying something that’s not just made up for the Internet.

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      • I went to you site to see where you are coming from. I am a registered Democratic only because I can’t vote as an Independent. I have voted in every presidential election since I turned 21. i am noe 85, one of Mrs Swiss golden oldies with health problems due mainly to female issues.


      • I probably saw the information on Reuters News. I see now he is backing off from the original statement. Again on Reuters News. No one should have to go through what I did in the twenties.


  3. If you lived through Wade VS Roe, you would feel like I do. He sign someting on TV saying was an order to cut back the requirements on Health care law requiring woman’s health issues. I watch CNN and NBC. I tried to watch Fox’s News but stopped when I saw what I had to sign to get it


    • I was in college when they passed Roe V Wade. We practically had a parade. I do not believe that anything has been put into law yet. I’m not saying it’s not true, but I want to see facts before I panic. Remember: I DID LIVE THROUGH THE YEARS WHEN ABORTION WAS ILLEGAL. I was around before birth control pills and IUDs and all of that. You are not alone. Try not to hyperventilate. Let’s see what’s really going on first.

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      • I answer and it was wipe out before I sent it. I won’t repeat but nothing upsets me more than anti abortion people. They don’t know what they I are talking about. Domestic violence is another one. I witness that as a child. One good thing has come with this I am again looking at the media reports. Yes, I know there are others with my problems as I follow their websites. The last one I saw left me in tears for the pain of the writer.


  4. I marched for you and all who could not be there personally, Pat. What I take away is that we can all still make a difference locally. I was proud of my city. The mayor spoke and assured the crowd that all are respected and welcome here and will be protected. I will work to make sure that that continues!

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    • Thanks Susan, I know a few that were actually marching somewhere in the states. The only march we have here is on 1st August, Swiss national day, and then it is usually a socialist thing with an invited politician to say a few words.


  5. And now just a few words. I am not American, I do not really know what I am, but I have two passports. I do not really want to get involved in a political and social discussion involving american laws, because to be quite honest I am out of my depth, so I will not longer be participating in any discussions held here. If anyone is annoyed or affected by what is being said I can cancel comments, if wished for. I will not longer be contributing to this discussion.


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