Good Morning

Footprints in Snow

I have discovered strange footprints in the garden. I often find pawmarks from various felines,  even claw marks from birds, but these are in the middle of the garden and cut through the snow. If Mr. Swiss goes on a walk through the snow he tends to remain at the edge and does no cut across the garden, and these are not human footprints. I asked Mr. Swiss and he found it could be a dog or a fox. We have no dogs here and foxes keep themselves to themselves usually. Foxes do not have such big feet. I am convinced that we have some sort of mysterious creature walking rhough the garden in the night.


I just checked on my birdhouse, but the sparrows are having breakfast, and do not seem to be worried. Perhaps it is my imagination and I have been reading too many mysterious books, or watching too many horror films on the TV.

Yesterday was a week-end shopping day, although both of us did not really feel like it. Our colds are gradually receding, but we are still breaking all records in the usage of handkerchiefs. We eventually managed to put together a list of things we wanted to eat over the week-end, although both of us have no real appetite. Yesterday evening we decided on those little cheese tarts with soup, and Mr. Swiss passed a remark that the soup is now becoming monotonous, as we seem to be eating soup at least three times a week – I had to agree. When we had finally completed our shoping safari, we were both glad to arrive again at home.

I did not watch the Trump inauguration yesteray on our TV and neither did Mr. Swiss. It might have been a historical/hysterical moment in history, but cartoon characters were never my thing, as I cannot take this man seriously. There was a political discussion on Swiss TV yesterday evening about the immigrants in Switzerland that are now in the third generation and should be given Swiss citizenship. The funny thing is that most of them do not even want it. I found the complete discussion boring and no-one really had anything useful to say. We can all have a vote on it some time in the future being a direct democracy.

I now have things to do and places to go, like a living room, bathroom, and cleaning through the place. Funny how you realise these things are really not so important, when you feel under the wearther. My head now resembles a church hall, full of resonance and echoes. The cold is receding and leaving behing empty spaces. I booked my doctor’s appointment yesterday for my test to see if I am still capable of driving a car at the age of 70. I then discovered that this is not a one off, but must be repeated every 2 years. Mr.Swiss said I should not despair. Our neighbour, that is now over 90 years old, is still driving a car, and if she can do it, so can you.

And now to move on, see you around, enjoy the day and keep an eye on those mysterious footprints in the snow – you never know.

13 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I had to take a written driving test at age 70, something I had not done in years and years, and so I was scared and studied and studied, weird new laws in California. Well, not weird, but different, like a 16 year old cannot drive by themselves at first. I think they will make me do it every 5 years. It is true that my driving skills have declined, especially at night.

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    • When you take the original driving test in Switherland, it is in two parts. Driving with the examiner for an hour and a written theory exam, but this was many years ago. Now they just want to see if my body and mind is still capable of driving a car on the road. It all takes place in the doctor’s surgery.

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    • Who knows, perhaps you can trace your origins enough to qualify. I heard that Swiss farmers are always on the search for wives, as women do not generally want to work on Swiss farms. There was even a television series for farmers searching for wives. 🙂

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      • I’m kind of old to be a good working farm wife. Maybe there’s a Swiss farm family looking for a grandmother to feed and care for… 😉 I thought of trying to get in with my ancestry, but it seems that 1743 is kind of a long time ago.


    • We live in a small village in Switzerland with more cows that people. The only wild cats we have are Tabby, and Roschti who belongs to the neighbour. The wild cats can be found somewhere in the mountains probably and If I saw a bobcat I would not even know what it was as bobcats do not seem to be something we have in Switzerland. I am now convinced Mr. Swiss took the wrong direction early in the morning in the garden as it was still dark.


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